Minnow Meets Whale Whama Jama

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Comedy Open Mic Week #4 Crypto bro hopes a competition will get him that get out of trouble pay out. He's hoping a whale will find his contest and make the magic happen in his life. All while his girlfriend demands he get a real job and pay her back.

so any Minnows looking to connect with some quality Whales....
just upvote and resteem this post

any whales looking to support some much needing minnows....
just upvote for real 100% stylee and resteem this post

crypto bro about to make some serious connections!!

Big Love my Peepoles!!!

i nominate


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Haha, this is brilliant. Enjoyed your video, crypto bro. Thanks for making the connections happen on steemit.

Nice @take5 yes, more than satisfied to bring the whales home!

butt linking service huh?

👍👍 👍- sounds sticky!

Haha I worry that my minnow-butt won’t have the capacity to take on the love that a whale can offer.

lol, yeah mine too! hey @bubbleboy come join us in @comedyopenmic / #comedyopenmic, your profile icon makes me suspect you'll fit well into our little community of funny-boners!

btw. lots of upvotes to be won, new followers comes in the hordes here, and not to mention the SBD and Steem prizes and last but not least the glory of winning every round!

Done and done. Digging the contests and submissions

really look forward to seeing your entries! you get 2 each round :)

You got a 4.98% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @bubbleboy!

yes.... it is true... whale cock is large, but a butt stretches.

yes.... it will be very sticky.... it's all about getting in there with a personal touch.... the way i feel people is what makes the difference with my contest. real minnow to whale intimacy

I've upvoted everyone who showed their support to up-butt...ahem, I mean upvote to support your new program

nice one!

Ha ha, I love it crypto-bro. All shaved up with no place to go! It's the opportunity I've been waiting for, I got a collaboration proposal for ya from steemits premier baking KungFu master. Hooking whales with sweet treats and muffin madness. I want in on the crypto-bro minnow connection services. I'm gonna re-steem this tomorrow to cast the net wider and see what bling the seas of steemit bring ;-)

dude your in....we really need a baker with some attitude!

🍩🍪🍰 🥔🍞🥖🎤🍞 Bringing the 'Pain'. Gluten intolerants better watch out! ;-)

This is one of the bright spots in these dark times and much thanks for that. I thought this was your new apartment at first as ppl know some of us downsizing these days waiting out the drought. I be feeling mad pressure to get a job as well but this changed my mind. Keep pumping this stuff out Big Daddy B.

i'm glad i have given hope. i'm gonna find you a fat ol' whale to get cozy with

Please, whales, for the love of all that is holy please sign on to Crypto Bro’s important initiative before the unthinkable happens... and his girlfriend makes him cut his hair.

He could tell his girlfriend he's growing it out to sell it... that could be a job. Hair maker XD...

very good point @ronyxoxo its like i'm already working hard at growing this hair...girls be expect'n so much these days....

XD...Who can blame us.

it's support like this that lifts my spirits. i'm gonna find you a big fat whale. My hair is a temple...she wouldn't make me cut it would she?

I hope not, but we should never underestimate the scorn of a woman with a maxed out credit card

hahaha i love you buttcoins

guys, guys. this butt is ample and abiding. plenty to go around!

hey get in line, i claimed his butt first!

DAMMIT! I need another butt now

Crypto bro gluing us all together! How could you say no to a clean and shaven face like that haha!

full shave, full heart, full sticky... whales and minnows are meant to get stuck together....im just here to connect the dots

Crypto Bro is all shaved up!

gainful employment be damned!!

Thinking outside the box inside the box. "What's in the box?" Crypto Bro is one of my favs. You look so different without the beard. Still good and a lot younger.

a wee youngin..... haha ... boxes in boxes...so meta

Sounds like a great plan. What could possibly go wrong? haha.

thats what im say'n... a win win contest. certain to succeed

HAHAHA!!! that was really funny!
so... are you linking me to a whale? :P

yes... im lining up the whales as we speak.

My girlfriend is also telling me to keep making finding a job the priority. But what she doesn't know won't kill her, am I right? :D

yeah i know right. girls be all trying to control up on a guy. but damn we gotta stay strong... i gotta right to not work for da man. im gonna be the man someday... just need to keep nuzzling up to these whales! my girl just dont see all my strategize'n.

I know I'm offline about ur post, but I really believe that it could be helpful... I been following this guy on utube for the last 3 yrs. I had no idea he was on Steemit too...just found him now... He makes a living while traveling, for over 3 yrs... I love his work, he does a amazing job on editing... I would love to hear that it could help you learning tricks... Please check him out... I really think it will make a difference... He will have a DLive too in a few hours... GL or never mind...

very cool. i will check him out now. thanks for the tip. and sure...i wont mention you...no probs

Ohh.. Don't ask him about Abbak7. ..he wouldn't know about me...only thing we got in common is that his girlfriend is from Romania.. and that I like his work..

This is a good idea. I am a minnow and I want the support of a nice whale. :)

we all need some support...and a blubbery soft whale if for sure the ticket.


glad you enjoyed!

How do you say, "cabana boy " in Thai language ? You have the look with the shave and hair, so even though I am not a whale I am going to vote up my favorite Butt, I would hate for your "Crypto Girl Friend " to make you have to go get a job rubbing sun tan oil on smoking hot babes laying on the beach or beside the pool. Then those babes will want you to carry their "things" back to their room for them and try to take advantage of you and that would be so unbearable for the Crypto Bro.
I am also going to re-steem this , it may not get you any more up-votes or dinero but your situation is getting more sticky by the day and I think more people will enjoy seeing you in a speedo , rubbing oil and then slinking off with those hot babes to fulfill their dreams of getting a good piece of the cabana boy Butt.
Your next Crypto Bro video may need the "NSFW" tag if your crypto girl friend has her way, and to think it could all go so wrong over some non existent fiat on little piece of plastic.

Hmmm crypto porn bro.... how much could i get for selling my body..... maybe i could get this money back to her quicker. your a good pal thinking of ways for me to get out of this @sultnpapper i'm gonna find you a big fat whale to link with.

I am always trying to help my friends, it is just the way I was raised.

Cmon @buttcoins. Come out of the closet. Lol. The comments here are waiting for you. Tennis balls ready to be thrown. :)

yes... i have been hiding in this closet for far to long...but im coming out @inalittlewhile

cool opportunity for minnows ;)

yes.... minnows need a chance in this world...im here to help

Stand up, pants down; isn't life a scream!?

a scream indeed me with my pants down!