A Funny but Strategic Explanation of FOMO and FUD In Cryptp´s : Steem, Bitcoin, EOS , Bitconnect et al

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I am bullish on steem and its ecosystem and love cryptocurrencies a lot- thus will stay in the space no matter the lies haters are spreading against the space . These lies (see my former post for details) are due to mostly central governments, banks and some big industrialist’s being afraid of losing their control over our money and life (which they have always controlled) hence why they united to spread lies and fud against bitcoin , ethereum, steem et al- which in return lead to panic selling as indicated in coinmarket cap

How do we proceed with all these daily uncertainties?

First I start by having a big laugh via John Oliver´s comedy explaining Cryptos : Bitconnect, EOS, Bitcoin, Fomo, Fud et al, watch the video below and have a laugh which is good for your health


Calm Down: Normal human nature will be to panic and sell off all your cryptos at a huge loss. Do not do it because whatever goes down will come up and vice versa. In fact steem is a solid long term investment, so buy low now and HODL (make sure that you take some profits when price increases). Importantly, remove emotions (because it leads to FUD) and greed which are ingredients of failure in the space. Moreover see this cheap price as a good opportunity to change fiat and buy steem and power up -which is a top investment opportunity with good return of investment in the long run.

Patience: Patience is the key to making supernormal profits in the crypto space. So now is the time to buy cheap undervalued tokens and if you already have some (through diversification) then Hodl and avoid paying much attention to fuders/haters who spread fear in the crypto space in order to crash the price and thus buy cheap cryptos for themselves.
In addition, let us use this period to dump fake/scam projects ( without any visible teams and real locations) and thus help the crypto space to be more clean.

Click here and read my former post:Warning: Warning: IMF Boss Warns of Crypto´s Evil Side : Money laundering, terrorism, and economic instability.

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Wow a very funny video indeed, guys watch the video Lol and it is funny but true. Good thing is that we all here are in a great platform and just as you indicated here, we need patience , remove emotions and stay strong together. Hopefully most of the scam projects will die off and good ones will shine...thanks for this, upped, 100%

Good point indeed, thanks for your comment...I agree....l like the video too

Lol I can't stop laughing after watching.

Haha video funny and purposeful at the same time. I agree with you VIPs are afraid to lose control. But their fears will become a reality;). Currencies are the bright future of the world. Thanks for postin @charles1
#upvote and #restem & #following you ♥ keep it up

Good point, thanks for your comment and success to you..I like the video too...it made me laugh

I agree now is time to buy cheap and Hodl

Great advice. Though it might look somber at this point.... all will be well again if we keep believing in the power of blockchain and crypto! American banks and governments, among others, are doing everything to protect their cash flow...

I agree with you my dear lady...thanks for your comment and keep steeming to more success

Yes, all the news is lies
I can not believe what they say about all the currencies
Thank you for all your efforts @charles1

Good point, thanks for your comment and success to you

Agree 100%... and I´m also planning on using fiat to power up SP soon...

Good point, thanks for your comment and success to you

Surely whatever goes down shall come up back so all we need to do is patient and don't. Listen to the haters that discourages

Buy with the money you can afford incase it take long time to rise not your business money

Good point, I wish you success

I don't think really smart people will take John Oliver serious. He's just a comic and his job is just to make people laugh, of course, he does it great, but that's all :)
Maybe he said some valuable things, but for example word about DeepOnion really disappointed me, if he did a little more research he could find out where this "funny" name comes from...

Yeh not knowing about the deepweb and onion networks is a bit foolish...

Thank you for your crypto optimism. More power for the individual to control their personal economy.

Thanks for your comment and together we are stronger. I wish you success

great post! :^D

I also made an article about this show, man his is brilliantly genius at this topic about crypto, I really do hope people will be educated not only in john oliver's comedy skit, but also about the knowledge about blockchain that can help the future of humanity.

Good point indeed, I agree

It's the banks! They want to keep dominance over the world. If there is anything threating that, they will slowly fight against it or buy it out. It kind of wants to make me wish there was a world without money. We just need to create replicators from star trek first and we would be half way there. - I'm NEW to STEEMIT!!! OMG YES IT IS TRUE. Please follow me back.

Good point indeed, thanks for your comment

It is funny, I like it because it makes me laugh. Thank you for sharing..


@charles1 You are right in your postulation about the ups and downs in crypto world as it is presently. About 1567 cryptocoins in the marketcap, only 15 are viable. Just because Bitcoin is going down now in value all others are following same way. But no panic, don't throw away your future, store your coins and even buy more now that many of them are low.

You know why, it is the manipulation of the elite investors. They are in control of the financial and money world. They often cause this downward tend, then mop up the stock and suddenly the value rises and they hit back.
So, soon there will be a reverse.
Stay hopeful. See you there.

Good point indeed, thanks for your comment

yea.news are manipulations. we must stick to our principles and have faith in what is coming.

Let the CEOs and the chairmen continue with their fear and conspiracy. I am poised to carry on with crypto and I am sure a lot of guys are equally resolved as me. Cryptocurrency is the future.

Good point indeed, success to you

I only got into crypto recently. I'm not worried about the price drop. You only lose money if you trade it back for dollars. I did convert half of it to Steem. Time to buy more crypto. I'm just not keeping it all in one place.

Good point, more success to you

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I agree Good Job Broo

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Hahaha, that's Funny man.

Great info man.

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Hey @charles1 . At the time of posting the comment. No. I was making a video showing people how steemit works and telling them not to do this but that curating has earning potential. Forgive, me I have actually read the post now.

I agree with you. It is time to get rid of the shitcoins we have become attached to and stick with the stars. It is hard for many people to stay still and stay postitive as the FUD is everywhere. One thing is for sure though, if you are in crypto and learn to manage the emotions, any other investment will seem like a walk in the park. Stock investors act up when a stock loses 2% in a day. we see that in seconds LOL.

So you think it's a good thing to buy up some steem and power up? I was planning to just build as I saw a friend do. But I'm really thinking of powering up?

They did doge coin bad LOL

But seriously, if I was not in crypto and saw that video, I would stay the fuck out . LOL Bitconeeeeeeeeeeect

Hahahaha bitconnect was a very funny one in the video...LOl

Steem power is the big deal indeed and always good to buy if you have the money(my older posts explained why). Very good comment indeed, thanks.

Gonna contemplate it more. Got some coins in the hacked coincheck that just got freeded up. might jut use that to power up

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Haha, that guy in the bitcoin suit talking about little to none fees made my day. I like how this John Oliver guy managed to actually inform, rather than spreading clueless sensationalism.

Okay, now that I've worked my way through the whole video, that Bitconnect guy made my day.

And Pierce Brock turning into a banana lol.

Interesting read thanks 👍

buen video muy divertido

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nice post and true! :) still dont find JO v. funny tho. ignorance is kind of annoying lol

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