Is Bitcoin Rat Poison or Is the Oracle of Omaha out of his mind? A case of extreme FUD

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Recently, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were doing great , however pulled back a bit due to the unending hate /Fud from world richest people who are in panic mode for losing their monopolies and not really happy seeing the masses succeed in this new blockchain phenomena .
At his annual shareholders meeting, The Oracle of Omaha aka Warren Buffet (one of our words brightest minds) indicated that

"bitcoin is probably rat poison, squared."

According to CNBC news

Pic Source

His above statement is not new because he has been a strong hater of bitcoin and what crypto´s stand for –maybe because he is too old to accept a new destructive technology or he is vigorously protecting his personal interest and status quo.

Most worryingly, his buddy and another world rich man and top figure Bill Gates (another very bright mind however turned Bitcoin hater) recently indicated that

"I would short bitcoin if there was an easy way to do it."

According to CNBC News .
The good news for Bill is that he can actually short bitcoin at Bitmex and thus free to proceed .

The conundrum, however, : are these rich men trying to protect us from rat poison or are they trying to protect their monopolies and status quo against the success of the masses? or are they afraid / confused of this new (blockchain) destructive technology ? Here is my take on the situation:

Power of masses: Cryptocurrencies are here to stay (blockchain technology) whether haters like it or not. The reason is that, the disruptive technology commands a huge support from millions of people who will continue to support the crypto space against the hate and lies from those who want to destroy the industry. Furthermore, the technology has led to new industrial revolution, poverty alleviation, and better security, faster, cheaper and safer transactions which benefits all without discrimination. Therefore, we all will continue to respectfully ignore the comments from haters, unite against such FUD and work even harder towards our collective success.

Do you agree? send in your comments, resteem and upvote in order to send in your support.

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I don't think crypto can't be stopped unless all world's the governments force ISPs to not allow you to connect to exchanges. But even then there are VPNs and hopefully soon there will be some decentralized blockchain-based ISPs

Yeh bitcoin is Rat poison and.. The banks are rats!!! Get ready

Very good point and I also believe that they can temporarily affect the price however the future is very bright ie in the long run for cryptos...haters will always hate...Thanks for this post...100% upped

Good point as always.....haters will always hate however cryptos are here to stay

Agreed! You know Buffet isn't out there on exchanges actually buying and selling crypto himself. And unless you are actually in in, crypto is hard to really understand

who cares about old people opinion on new tehnology

Very good point, I agree

I totally agree with you about cryptocurrencies being here to stay. I am wondering if Warren Buffet will ever change his mind. With or without him, cryptocurrencies is going forward.

He should retire and enjoy his money haha

Tell them to put their money where their mouths are and go ahead and short it! You know they wont!

i heard he does not like tech at all

It depends on the type of tech...he really does not like Crypto...haha

In a way Warren Buffet seems to be right, BTC is a rat poison for the monetary system rats, but who are these rats? That's the question! ;-)

Hahahahah good point indeed...LOl

Great assessment.
My wife (who doesn't even keep up with crypto) saw that in the news and told me yesterday. She then said "he's probably buying bitcoin."

There are some people who can drag them back from behind.Maybe it can temporarily hamper it but it can not be stopped that it will not grow any longer, it will grow.

Good point, I will be temporarily indeed

was not Buffet the guy who said he doesn't invest into tech because he hasn't the slightest idea of it, then still did and bought IBM, only realising the validity of his own premises very late, and selling at a loss...? Crypto is all about tech, so why bother with someone who has proven himself to be wrong...?

Good point indeed, you analysed it well

BTC is pretty antifragile so the price usually strengthens after FUD. I am extremely tired of this us vs them, and we must do this and that. Let the market decide, period. To short BTC is extremely risky and not recommended (because of its antifragile nature), and I doubt Bill Gates is​ going to short it. Gates used to be very bullish on BTC before, so I do not know what has​ changed. Has his best friend WB influenced him? WB has been notoriously wrong about everything technological which have both cost​ and saved him a lot of money.

Good point I think that Bill is trying to make his pal WB happy because Bill is smart enough to know that Crypto is the future

I was somewhat blown away by the severity of the statements these 3 titans made yesterday. However, I couldn’t help but chuckle and carry on with crypto after they were done. Onward and upward my friend!

Good point my dear one...I agree. Cryptos are here to stay

Just the typical fud from those who don't fully understand (nor have taken the time to) and don't stand to gain if the world changes too much. Consistency, not change is the hallmark of how Warren Buffett invests. There's nothing consistent about crypto, which is I'm fascinated by it.
(Also, Buffet missed out on Amazon and Google, just to name a few. Something he has said he regrets.)
Thanks for sharing.

Good point, I think also that he will miss out on cryptos and thus fuding against it

well, this is really strange thing for me to know that bill gates and oracle hate botcoin. I was not expecting this from them.
Dear I have lost quite a huge amount of money in crypto due to my own mistakes but I am/will support crypto. because crypto is a game-changer thing. It have the capability to change one's financial status for good. I hope crypto will rise, let haters do what they can, I am holding all my coins and I did not sold them in panic. I hope/believe crypto will rise yet again

Bitcoin is not rat poison

Good point, thanks for your comment

have a lot of respect for this man, i hope he changes his mind at some point!

Same here , hopefully

It looks like ,Buffet doesn't like Cryptocurrencies because his fiat currency business will come to end if Cryptocurrencies accepted by the mainstream. (sooner or later it surely will happen) So he says Bitcoin will come to a bad ending.

That is a good point...

Give it a month or two before the old man comes to a realisation and publically announces he is planning to buy bitcoin.

Hahahahah that is possible

Well, it's a rat that could destroy his fortune. I can understand where he's coming from if that's the case. That man is a businessman and we know what businessmen do. They do everything to protect their asset and get more profit. Sometimes even not in good way.

Point, I agree...however Crpyto´s are here to stay

La raza humana por naturaleza actúa con odio o con temor a todo aquello que no conoce, es como un mecanismo de defensa. Algo así como "un buen ataque es la mejor defensa", y si de paso estan defendiendo sus propios intereses más virulentos y despiadados se convierten sus ataques.

The human race by nature acts with hatred or fear of everything that it does not know, it is like a defense mechanism. Something like "a good attack is the best defense", and if they are defending their own more virulent and ruthless interests, their attacks become.

Cryptos are indeed here to stay

The dude is going senile. He needs to stop talking about things he is too old to understand You ever tried to explain the internet to your grandma, same thing here. Mine Gran thinks the internet is the devil

The rich men (Cabal) will win, that is what I believe. No way they will give up, neither will the government

Let the game begin

Agree and believe Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies (not all) is the future no doubt.The haters are the Banks , some investors .It is always difficult to make happy everybody anyway.

There is some small satisfaction to see them squirm. 😎

It is very true, I agree with you at some point, I believe that its price will be excellent in the future, I really have a lot of faith in it

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They said this right now, where Bitcoin was close to that psychological 10K... What a coincidence? Also funny, the biggest FUD is always made by who? People that would lose a lot money if crypto continues to rise. I m about to not even listen anymore since Gates claimed, Bitcoin kills. Lol. I mean really Lol! Don't wanna know how many people suffered heart attacks trying to fix their windows, but that's another story.. :)

If bitcoin is rat poison then banks are rats

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How generous and wonderful you have been so far @charles1..

stay on topic..did you read the post?

The energy cost that comes with PoW is going to bring down bitcoin but that doesn't mean other cryptos will fail. PoS also has its own problems but overall it has more upside and crypto is still very young so better systems could be developed in the next couple years that we aren't even thinking about today.

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Very good

That's a very strange look about bitcoin holders sometimes the person who holds the stock wants to always win alone, jagan disappointed friends keep the spirit

Can you elaborate on your point?

Wow this article and idea brilliant

Looks like Buffet had some Rat Poison in that Pic. LOL

Beautiful story and very nice funny
Thanks for sharing update proving news. I appreciate your blog.

That's a great funny post.thanks for sharing this news
I appreciate your blog:-)