Haha , thats funny . But we can save the threes

Are you threatening me!? My bungole will not wait!

Nice ideea , congratulations!

It really threatens you Hahaha

Nice post @cornholio

good post @cornholio

is it really on use i never see it in real .. but it's funny too 😅😅

good work @cornholio
thank you for shring
nice photo


wow friend it is different post , thnx for sharing different post & good work
my dear friend . .......... ..... @cornholio


very funny

wow nice post..

Hahahahahaha nice

You made me laugh.

╋╋ム ╋╋ム ╋╋ム =)) ╋╋ム ╋╋ム ╋╋ム,, funny
I like it to install this i have to change my toilet. whats the cost for installation..LoL

good brother

Very very funny but effective

very funny....ha ha

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