How To Get A 125.000 Replacement Car

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I was on my way back from a friend at around midnight, when suddenly a crazy lady does a U-turn and hits me. So we stepped out of the cars and started doing the necessary paperwork.

She shattered my 18 inch alloysAccident

We had an argument about the paperwork so we decided to call the police.

The first thing that the police does when they arrive at a car accident site is an alcohol test, wich is the thing that saved my butt. She was slighty enough intoxicated so I was completely payed out by the insurance while she was found 'guilty', wich saved me a lot of time and court costs to win the case.

Replacement Car

So my contract states that I have the right to get a replacement car from any Mercedes-Benz dealership untill my car is fixed again. I always wanted to drive the new S class (before I started working as a private driver), so I cooked up a plan that was worth a shot. I dressed up well, checked if my balls were big enough that day and went straight to the dealership with one goal: getting a free high end S class for a day.

At the dealershipAt the dealership

I went straight to the sales division and told them I wanted to test the new S class because my C class wasn't livng up to my standards (I was very gratefull for the C class but im a greedy fucker, like most steemians). Then I told him it was for my dad, wich has no time to come to dealerships and test cars because he's always abroad (not true). He asked me how many HOURS I wanted to test the car. after my hart skipped a beat I told him: "one weak sir, my car is recked at the moment so that would fit perfectly in my schedule for when I come back to pick up my C class".

He started scratching his head and went to the manager, wich gave him a green light to give me the new S class for 4 days!!!! I almost could not surpress my smile when he gave me the car keys of a brand new S 350L with a price tag of 125.000 (because it was the Limo version). I ended up drving 800km with it. I gave all my friends a spin with the car and had a LOT of fun with it.

No guts, no glory, lads - Danny1995


Video: S class interior at night

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Lucky man ... Great work
Thanks for sharing

Well this goes to show if you look dress and act the part you can get what you desire. Sounds like you been hanging around some Tony Robbins seminars or video. Way to go, I know you enjoy those 4 days.

Yes my man, I had nothing to lose so I went for it ;) You should try it too!

Now that's a fine automobile, how did it compare to yours? This on your list ? The only new Merc we've driven the G350D, love to drive this and see how they've changed.

They came a long way indeed, are you going to drop a review soon on it? I actually drove the G63 :p Waiting to drop the best cars when I get more subs (aston martin, G63, GLE43, C43, RS4, 911 carrera, M4,...) Its really not practical, the S-limo just wouldnt fit in our garage, its like driving the most comfortable schoolbus on the planet, #planetauto

I normally expect to see jokes in 'funny' but this is funny in a way.

Glad you enjoyed the blog my man!

Lol straight gangsta. Nice work 🤣

Thx bro, feel free to try this method ;)

It's a car designed with elegance and distinction.

Very original, you have balls of steel!!

Great way to turn a negative into a positive:)

True my man, did you notice the shouout for you at the end? x

Yes cheers for the shout out mate thanks:) Sounds like one if my nephews or nieces calling me uncle Haha:)

Did you end up giving it back, or did you keep it? It would be hard to drive anything else after driving the S class for four days.

Yes they unfortunatly called me the fourth day, to kindly remind me to bring the limo back. Tbh, it was not a very practical car, but the massage seats wil be missed :p

Awesome story. The S class is so nice! You should wreck your car more often, so you can drive the S class more hahaha

hahahah was thinking the same! There are plenty of dealerships..

It is great post..

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That's awesome.

wow..thats actually amazing. i guess you went with the mindset of not getting a rejection. gutsy i must say. lesson learnt, its all about how you see yourself. and who says greed is bad? lol..i love the expensive stuffs and am gonna get them.

good decision, that is to know how to obtain what one wants

Wise words my friend

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The first thing that the police does when they arrive at a car accident site is an alcohol test, wich is the thing that saved my butt.
It should be which instead of wich.

Hihi, good one

Haha! I thought grammar police died out with the dinosaurs! Butt your rite!
Here's more for you to correct.

thx, rote it down

Thnxxzz fr knowing us sir i just appreciates ur strategy & skill tht u applies to get rid such types of arguments......


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this is good

I don't have a car yet but hopefully next year haha!

Make it count :p

I love the AMG GT! That is my dream car!

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I am Raju.I am very happy for your nice posting.This post content is so nice and interesting.I really love it.
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o danny.............speechless

wooooooow this is what i call monster car,,,,, great one danny .... i hope they crash you jet also hahahh

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Wow Great work man have some great skills

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this guy father must come from Africa, please check yourself very well African Brian working congrats on your new job lol

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