Optical illusion... Or See The Hidden! Eleventh one...

in #funny3 years ago

Do you know Stereograms? These pictures that require the concentration and optic muscles to work...



Place yourself 30 cm from the screen and control your eyes and focus to discover what is hidden in this picture...

Do you see it? Answer in comments...

Don't be upset if you don't see it straight... it requires some training!


It is an airplane moving from the down left to the up right...
In order to see the picture you need to have a peripheral view, which is prohibited in order to speed read!!!

Well done ;) Here is a reward!

I haven't seen these type of pictures for a while. Thanks for sharing. I can see it, won't say it all but it's something in the air...

For those that can see it easily, if you want a bit of a challenge, you can actually see the inverse of the picture if you focus your eyes in the opposite direction (as in cross-eyed) It will then jump out at you!

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