Why not? Caroling in front of the ATM

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Christmas is the most much-awaited season to almost everybody in the world. Children and adults alike are so excited that they do countdowns to mark each passing day. In the Philippines, we start celebrating Christmas as early as September and ends as late as February. As we know, Christmas music, lights and decorations best describe Christmas. However, in the Philippines, we have one activity which is equally important just like the others - caroling. Caroling is an activity where we sing Christmas songs in front of an audience for a small amount of money in return. Traditionally, carolers visit houses to sing Christmas songs but .........

In this photo which became viral in the Philippines shows a group of women singing a Christmas song in front of the ATM.These four women were singing and dancing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” while waiting for the machine to dispense the cash one of them was withdrawing. Will the ATM machine be kind enough to give them money for their performance? Undoubtedly, yes, they've got money in their friends own bank account.