The truth about pop music and a introduction to axis of awesome and some tips for starting up with guitar

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Some time ago I came across this gem of a comedy song, and I think I will never tire of it.

They are offcourse making it look way easier than it actually is, but the point remains, if you keep practicing these four chords and transitions, you can play almost every pop song.

There are many different ways of playing guitar, this is by far the easiest and a great way to start.
There are a couple of more grips, I personally struggle with a couple of chords in this song as of yet, it kinda feels like I'm trying to rip my hand in two due to lack of dexterity and laziness.

Just a little pointer, you can play a huge amount of songs if you manage to learn these four chords in and out, I'm currently in the process though, hopefully I will be sharing some of my own videos soon.

The chords themselves you can find in this guide at ultimate guitar

This site is an absolutely great recource for learning guitar.

I personally play mediocre at best, but that is all due to my own laziness.

Another little tip:

A great way to start up is just playing around with the chords C, D, G and Em, randomly transittion between them. These chords makes up so many songs.

When you get a grip on them move on to F and Bm, This is where I am currently struggling (to the point I wish I'd bought a new keyboard instead. But all in all, playing guitar is really entertaining, even if you're not great at it.

I also recommend checking out Martyzongs on youtube, talented teacher.

Hopefully you enjoyed the video and my little rant.

Finishing of with the chord diagrams: