8 Most Hilarious Mannequins

in #funny3 years ago

Mannequins are meant to represent a standard body type, one we can all relate too. Though there are some mannequins that have such whimsical poses!

  • Those pants are ridiculous! The pose is ludicrous!

  • Fancy buying a suit in Japan? Best to see how you look when you are rocking on!

  • Even when you are sluggish (or doped up) you will look amazing in this outfit!

  • Incredibly realistic vision of what that shirt will likely look on you.

  • Bon jour! In France, baguettes are a fashion accessory!

  • This one is rather beautiful! Does it remind you of a certain game? *ahem The Sims.

  • Wonder what you would look like with out legs? or how about how nice your body would look after your head is blown off!

  • The life of a Mannequin is a depressing and timid one.

I hope you enjoyed this list of hilarious mannequins! It's funny to think that retail staff chooses the outfits for these mannequins.