And then dipp again...A love letter to BTC!

in #funny3 years ago (edited)

Dear Btc ,
You where the first crypto in my life...
We had so much great time together since 2011.
I now that I cheated you in the past with ether and Eos...


I promise now and forever that you are

The love of my life!

You where there for me when I was buying a cooffe and my groceries.
I was crying inside when I had to share you with the world:

Bag lady:

Will that be cash or credit?

I would say:


Please never leave me as I will be always yours!

With Love


I now pronunce you Mind and Bitcoin may kiss the coin!

You know...if that would be possible I would actually do it!😀

Ha ha ha very funny, well done @mindlock! Followed!