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  1. Lemmings commit mass suicides? True.... Mass hysteria is common with lemmings and the primary reason for mass suicides.
  2. There is a cow inside every one of us? True... Both male and female human can produce milk. Men don't in normal conditions secret the hormone to induce milk production, but the glands do exist.
  3. Cows can fly? True... Using enough propellant, any heavy animal can fly across the air, but landing can be fatal as bones of larger animals are solid and can't flex like bones of birds or insects.
  4. Mermaids do exist? True... Sirenomelia is a mutation that causes lower half of human body to fuse together.
  5. Unicorns do exist? True... Unicorns are not however genetically close to horses, but close to rhinoceros instead. This is rare mutation just like sirenomelia with humans.
  6. Cow fart can be used as rocket fuel? True... Cow flatulence contains large amount of methane that was previously used as rocket fuel, but has been replaced with hydrogen
  7. Fart escapes to Sahara desert? False... Fart is place outside Sahara desert in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
  8. Heaven is a place on Earth? False, there is no major city on Earth named Heaven.
  9. Hell is a place on Earth? True, there is multiple cities on Earth named Hell, including in Norway and Michigan, USA.
  10. God does exist? False, God is abstract definition for something we believe but can't see, it's immaterial entity.
  11. God is real? True... Even though God doesn't exist, the definition of God can be proven, we can attribute actions as being influenced by God.
  12. Devil does exist? False. Like God, Devil is abstract definition of bad things that happen but can't be attributed as done by any animal or human.
  13. Devil is real? True... Bad things happen, it has been proven numerous times. It is also proven that all bad things can't be proven to be result of any animal or human.
  14. Adam and Eve were the first humans in Genesis creation narrative? False... Adam and Lilith were the first two humans. Adam was good and Lilith was bad to keep things in balance... Lilith left the Eden because she couldn't agree with Adam and became precursor to what modern people call Devil. Disagreement between Adam and Lilith was the first case of feminism as Lilith wanted Adam to be subordinate to her, and Adam wanted Lilith to be his subordinate.

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