I wish I had this crab car for easy parking at home and in the city

in #funny3 years ago

I am sure you all have seen the tight parking in my garage at home. It can be a real challenge.
Especially when there are cars both in the front, rear, and the left side.

In Oslo, there are few parking spots and many places are very tight.
Look at this crazy idea I found a couple years ago. I wish my car could do this.



Especially when there are cars both in the front, rear, and the left side.
Man its simply amazing, parking car becomes a quite difficult task in various places, these crab cars can help a lot in places were the parking becomes hell.
I heard it first time, front, rear and left side wheel drive. Man that's simply amazing

who wouldn't want that man 😍 this is just awesome parking system installed in the car, where you can park vehicle anyway anywhere

Why is it called a crab car. Because it is as big as a crab.
Seriously mate does it accommodate two people. How much is the power and speed of this car ?
I think it's a wonderful invention of this century.

Because it can move to the left and right. But yes you have a point. :D

Wow, this car is really great and have an great essence of Artificial Intelligence, and i wish that soon you will have it and in your garage this will definitely going to look like coolest stuff. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I will not have it haha. I like Tesla too much. But I dream that my Tesla could do this. ;)

Let's hope that it will do much better than this. 🙂

The is awesome. But telsa is still first priority.

I wish the Tesla could do it. Oh my. Imagine the Tesla Roadster doing this. That would be the coolest party trick ever. :D

Amazing car it'really smart and eassy for parking , it will be very helpful in Road congestion
Great idea !

In road congestion? How?

Haha, tight spaces is exactly why I prefer motorcycles.. 😜😜

You prefer motorcycles and are driving Tesla Model X. :D

Only with regards to parking, the Tesla can be a bitch to park sometimes ;)

Hahahaha funny car but very useful tho

Can't wait to see this one in the next Fast and Furious movie 😂😂😂

Haha that would be sick :D

its the best invention of technology...
thank you dear @olsm for sharing..
@upvote done

so much funny dear....
its amazing to see..

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