Random boy told me I am rich

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This is the first time a stranger told me I am rich.
I never imagined all my life that would happen.
Another fun life story for the future.

A few days ago I came home and parked my car in the guest parking.
Out I go and walk from the car and the door closes automatically.
I see two boys walking next to the car and one says "WOW".
They see me walking and one boy says "he is really rich".

I walk up the stairs and meet them as they are walking by.
One of the boys did all the talking. They must be friends.
"Is it your car?" he ask, "Yes it is", I answer.
"You are rich!", he said. I answer "Yeah, maybe I am" and I laugh.
"What do you work with. Are you a lawyer?", he asked.
"No I am not a lawyer". "Are you a doctor?" Nope.
"So what are you?", he asked.
So I answer honestly "I am an investor, founder and programmer"
"Oh wow, how much did the car cost?", the boy asked.
"It cost 1 million kroner" I said. "Oh my god!" he said.
They both covered their face with their hands.
I laugh and continue walking home with a smile on my face.

So thats another funny story to add to the list of funny life stories.
I have some funny stories from when i was bicycling as well.
I will post more funny stories later on to steemit, follow to see it.


Hahaha how beautiful they asked you if you had a profession as a lawyer or doctor, because they assimilated work with money. That says a lot about them, maybe they see you as an example and that's fascinating friend

Yes, it is very beautiful. Maybe their parents did a good job on teaching them that money is not something that comes for free but something that comes from work. And that is so true. All self made millionaires got there through work.

That speaks a lot about the people around you, congratulations

Ha ha, this experience is funny, and yes, children are really transparent and they ask anything to anyone without any doubt. And in my opinion they loved your car that's why their curiosity increased to know about you. And these type of experience can be small or ordinary, but it creates great impact for the moment. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

You are right. The feeling of being asked by a complete stranger about me and my life, no matter who it is, is amazing. That some complete stranger would be curious and take interest me as a person, as a human being, is a very special feeling and lighted up my day.

Thanks and yes, you said really true. 🙂

If you got a car like this, everyone is gonna tell you that you are rich.

Not if you are in Oslo city and very many people have Tesla. However most of them have it on a loan. So how to know who are rich or not. Outside Oslo most places have very few teslas, or in some places there are even none. There everyone will think you are rich for sure.

Well i guess then you look rich by face.

I live a little outside Oslo city and its not many Teslas here. So they thought I was rich by seeing the car for sure. Maybe my look too because I look young. I dont go with a dress jacket and tie or something, just shirt and jeans and a nice jacket when its cold.

And it proves that you don’t have to introduce yourself once you are rich as people approach you.

It depends where you live and what car you have. In Norway, if you live in Oslo, you will see Teslas everywhere. Sure, most of those people have a loan for the car, so how to know if they are rich or not. However I live a little outside Oslo city and there are very few Teslas in my neighbourhood. If I had met anyone in the middle of Oslo city they would not have noticed at all.

The best trick to get people to approach you is to go to a place where there are many people but few Tesla owners. Then turn on Tesla party mode on the model x. Then the car will play music and dance in rythm to the song with the doors, lights and mirrors. The back door (falcon wings) move like a flying bird up and down. People come staring and asking all about the car and to see it. Great advertisement for Tesla too!

I have turned on the Tesla mode 3 times for family or friend. Every time neighbours, random people walking there, or students, came to watch and ask questions about the car. What a funny toy.

Great story, I hope one day I'll experience that.

Was it your goal to become rich, or it just happened?

It was a goal. If you have the will, you probably will.
You have to be smart and make the right decisions.
Be it investments or business ideas into reality.
But if you have the will, you will be smart.
You will figure out how to do it by yourself.
Most people dont have enough will to do it.

Really this is very funny story D:) @olsm , i love your post. thank you for sharing with us

hahahaha congratulations man on buying a new car that too of steem, that is fun man, i also want to buy something from steem bt i guess i have to earn more as i have earned very little...

I did not buy it from Steem. I bought it from Dogecoin.

oh my bad i thought you bought it from steem, anyways huge congratulations, whether it be steem or dodge, it is a part of crypto, that's what matters

those children are very intelligent without doubts, work = money