I am glad that you posted youtube version because dtube one did not play no matter how long I waited....

No wonder you have been busy, your possibility is unlimited, you always surprise me with your new skills.

dTube is still working out some problems I guess... it can't be easy to have such a big site...

I learned from a lot of practice for many years :)

Thank you! I am trying video to see if it's worth it, hopefully it will be :)

Spam weapons upgrade initiated! Level up!

I have Never seen work on this level, you work is just splendid brother.
I'm with you on your fight against spam

upvoted and resteemed

I told you it is gonna end up like an other episode of "Saw" movie :P We are going to the extreme :)

But in reality, it's far more comical. The trailers are more scary just for the fun of it :D

tomorrow is the big day, I'm anxious to see the animation
I'm sure it's going to be very funny
you must be working hard for this @overkillcoin

Thanks so much for your support. The animation has 5 funny-talking pig men, and there's a talking dolphin that gets very angry at them. Sometimes getting angry can be VERY funny :D

thanks friend for making us the day different with your animations that I like
in all this I like the role of the dolphin, if it should be very funny when it bothers, I want to see it

It all starts out so calm... ha ha! When do we get the button? I know JUNE 6!

This is just fucking awesome man!
you have just nailed it.
I'm becoming fan of your art work!

What nerves, I'm anxious to see what will happen tomorrow

Omgg this is insane dude, I want that new button 💣

I wish I had one on a wrist watch so I could flag people in every day life hahaa......

We would like to have that Anti-Spam Watch, it would be a sales record :)

so scary!! hahahaha you should make a video with that style D: looks like a horror video game intro xD

If the Steemit prices would stop being such stubborned mules, then I could do soooooooo much more fun stuff... XD

Maybe once everyone forgets the new video I could do a special scary remake heheh....

I wish I could do more fun stuff too u_u
remember not to do the scary remake in octobers lol

The most anticipated movie since Avengers!

That's 100% badassery right there... I'll second the recomendation for full screen... one of the few times I'm actually on my laptop.. resteemed for ya.. fml... how do you add "thumbs up" on a laptop..

Hi, Dolphin with a pencil in teeth! :) Thank you for support ♥

I'm waiting for your animation tomorrow :)

upvoted &resteemed

Can you really blame me though? Have you ever tried pencils? They are...

Thanks for your support!

Hahaha ) Of course I tried it! :-) well as ballpoint pens ... ХD

excellent animation @overkillcoin I like how the dolphin ends with the spam looks movie, bravo impeccable work

WTF :o can you teach me this animation please :(
It's just fantastic @overkillcoin

your animation is mind blowing bro it 💕💕💕💕💕...going to resteem it

Gracias @overkillcoin por esa animación donde muestras tu disposición de luchar y acabar con los Spam

Sin embargo, es casi imposible terminar spam, así que, en cambio, ¡simplemente me burlaré de eso!

Spammers be aware the new Flag button is out there waiting ;)

Nice Trailer buddy

Sadly, the devs are still working on the new flag button. It was supposed to be finished last year :(

amigo gracias por la informacion ,agradecido por su aporte, saludos desde venezuela.

pero en realidad, no es información, es un video ... ¡Espero que veas el video! Muchas gracias!

The dolphin is the new nightmare of Spammers

It's my silly dream, haha...

Every Dream becomes True.

bro I liked this animation, thank you for your waiting time
It was a great job

but the real animation is tomorrow, this is just a short introduction!

it was worth waiting for this animation, I love you, it's great
always showing us your good skills, you are a successful person bravo why
happy tuesday @overkillcoin

but wait, the real animation is for tomorrow, this is simply an introduction...

If I know that tomorrow is the real animation, I'm sure we will enjoy it and have fun especially with the dolphin and more when it bothers haha I like that part

I came back from rest. A bit of a walk in Cyprus

How goes the game with spammers? Can I participate? :-)

If this were a game it might be even more fun... stay tuned!!!

Well done @overkillcoin

Thanks for the information sir.

loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

lol not sure if srs

I loved it! Almost at the end says soon only in cinemas lol XD really did an excellent job I congratulate you

This second trailer is more scary than the other, the Spammers hunt will soon start. 😂

Very beautiful funny video
Thank you for sharing post

You obviously didn't watch the video... thanks anyway.

Nice post bro, please to follow my vote resteem this k thx

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