Me So Tronny! :O

in #funnylast year


Yo yo yo whattup my decentralizers? Just dropping a new gif that makes fun of Mr. Sun's army tank. You've heard of the Tron Army on Twitter? More like a bot farm with a handful of deranged sycophants who were abandoned by their parents in a run-down strip mall parking lot at an early age. Other than that? It's one HECK of an army to be reckoned with!

Go look at my pinned tweet, I completely trash Tron and it's "liked" by mostly Tron-bots! So they're not very bright!

Sharing size (Discord/Telegram)

Don't even want to know the mm of that cannon... Just sayin'

Me-So-Tronny Size

“Submit to mah Authoritah!”


Tank image • Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
Inspiration: Justin Scum!



That's pretty funny right there.. love the sock puppets.. nice touch

That's the way I feel about bullies, they're always compensating for a small cannon size...

sunsorship and suntralization my favorite tags :D

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