Short break at Friday

in #funny4 years ago (edited)

It's Friday but the man always has to learn.
I was studying economics and finance and got really tired.
So I decided to have a short break and relax a little bit before opening the book again.
You can have a break with me as well :)

Okay, seriously have to go back to study again.
Wish you to have a lot of fun on the weekend!


The bat... so funny. :)

Holy crap, Jaro came. Wasup :D

Hi! I came for a visit again. I see you have no new content. How am I supposed to upvote if there's no posts? :-o

You know making an article takes a lot of time and energy.
Of course, I can post something fast to get few bucks, but it's not my goal.
I'm fully emersed in the study right now (economics, business and other boring shit), I even refused to take @meesterboom's 1,000SP delegation that fell on me from the sky by luck.

For now, I just want to concentrate on study, invest in some cryptocurrencies for holding and chat here. Because it's fun and very refreshing. And also helps to be in the centre of the crypto news.

By the way. Is there a way to remove my delegation and give it to one of my friends on steemit @george-topalov, he invited me to the platform and also your regular follower (Wait why I don't follow him, oh he was in my bookmarks). All of my votes don't do anything for me, most of them go to you and Markku anyway :D

By the way. Is there a way to remove my delegation

Really? Well if you insist.

As you requested, I made a similar delegation to @george-topalov, but are you really really sure you want me to end yours? I probably told you already that it doesn't actually cost me anything to spread my steem power by delegating some to others.

Well, I can't just ask you to delegate to someone just because he is my friend.
So I thought the only way is to remove mine to give it to him.
But if it's okay then you can keep it until you need it back lol :D

Thanks a lot for the delegation :D

It makes perfect sense to temporarily take back @sadpotato's delegation if he doesn't have time to use it and give it back when his duties allow him to use it again.