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RE: 10 Best (Worst?) Things To Tell The Tax Man About Your Steem/Crypto Earnings

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I don't understand why it has to be so complicated. Here it's so easy, get a profit of more than 6000 Euros per year means you have to pay 20% income tax. That's it.


Where do u live?

Estonia. Keep in mind this holds true for individuals, if you run a registered company or smth. then it gets a bit more complicated, but it's still fairly simple in comparison to this US system. A side effect of keeping things simple has been very high payed taxes percentage. Since it's easy to understand people generally don't try to evade paying taxes - go figure.

Well here in Germany we have a ... I think it’s called degressive tax system.

If you have a higher income your tax rate rises. If you have a lower income, your tax rate is also lower.

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