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When you're doing porn for the first time and they want you to use a dildo that's the size of your entire body

gif from giphy


When you're used to Asian D

But then find out your partner has a hammer

she doesn't seem too bothered
i guess she's into fisting

wonder why you hardly see Asian stars role playing with Mandigo?

the ladies call me chinaman dingo

that's a lie, they don't call me at all

Junk enlargement products are still littered all over pornhub. Just FYI.

It ain't real unless it's black real!

Too bad. Africans and Asians must start cross-breeding. Let's close this dick-gap for the coming generation.

Hello Holybranches!

Be smart Traffy, don't go further!

It's like an Asian lady got big Black D!ck in her first night lol :D


yes, definitely just a tip

Lol. It's not a problem, we can always make a dildo cut out :)

damn, i guess that's why you don't want them to be too tight

just imagine that if it was ur dick

Girls are like Anaconda !
They can take bigger things inside than their hole !!
Especially it's not fair for any Asian Girl, cause i have seen in many porn videos 😀

maybe they can just fold it before putting it inside them ^_^

Lol you are right

It’s always a funny story for the future

quite the cinderella story

Hahahaha jumps away but this great one makes me laugh a lot

Thanks @gentlebot

Ha ha jumps away but this great one makes me laugh a lot really very funny

Thank you Sir

poor kitty, poor actresses, I really feel.... bad for them

ha ha funny

This also works with cucumbers. Lay it behind the cat and watch what happens when the cat turns around ;).

The real question Traffy is where do they want you to use it? That might be the reason for the reaction!

Is it also shaped like a banana? ;)


When we realized that the dildo is the size of my body, it was not porn, it was a horror film :))

Hi. It truly is not an entertaining adult and a creative adult to satisfy a need. ha ha ha ha ha ha

That s great funny.
Thank you sir...

Thanks for shearing.ha ha ha

Wow so funny 😂😂

you have funny thinking ! Cats are more surprised than the girls haha!

There is god .. hehehe I do not stop laughing so much hehehe

Hehehe amazing funny....

Hahahahaha lolllll but think when size is too much small. What is this situation how you feel ,😊

Hahaha so funny 😄😄

Yeah, sign up for the job unless you have a good idea of how it's done.

hahahaha,This is a lot of fun.The cat is so ridiculous in the truth..Thanks for your post. You did good job sir,@traf

I have seen such things (on screen) I am still scarred

haha very funy

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