Tub Cat is now a cartoon!

in #funny3 years ago (edited)

It was a proud moment for the Cat in a Tub today.

Today Tub Cat was immortalised in the form of a cartoon. Tub Cat us much pleased with this image of his greatness.

Well done, @ryivhnn. You became slightly less unwashed today.

Tub Cat has been silent on the posting front of late, but never fear, Tub Cat is always watching, and always disapproving of what the unwashed humans believe passes for quality content.

Know that Tub Cat is here, Tub Cat is not happy, and Tub Cat will always express his displeasure at what the unwashed humans pass for content on Steemit.

Tub Cat Out!

Thanks to @nathanial for creating the amazing header and footer in this post!


I think @tubcat is the greatest of all creatures that have ever lived or will ever live.

I am impressed with your understanding of the Cat in a Tub, unwashed human.

Holy shit tubcat I thought you got hit by a car or something.

Cars do not scare the Cat in a Tub. Cars are scared of the Mighty Tub Cat!

I think @tubcat is related to @grumpycat. Except one is richer than the other.

Not so! Tub Cat can at least be sort of polite from time to time.

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