FURUCOMBO: How to Claim COMBO Token and Start Transaction Mining

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FURUCOMBO started Transaction Mining and distributing COMBO tokens today.


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Announcing Furucombo Transaction Mining Program

Basically, if you use FURUCOMBO AND stake COMBO, you will earn $COMBO every week.

Sensei 🙋‍♂️ "If I just stake COMBO, Do I get rewards?"
"No, this is not just another liquidity mining program, it is Transaction Mining Program. If you stake but don't use FURUCOMBO, you won't get no rewards, son."

If you only use FURUCOMBO, you will get some rewards, but if you stake and use FURUCOMBO, you will get more rewards.

Sensei 🙋‍♂️ "I don't have COMBO token?"
"Head over to FURUCOMBO and claim your token, son"

And connect your wallet

Once your wallet is connected, it will show up at the top right and you are ready so click on the cube.


Your COMBO amount will show up automatically, so click Set

Click Send to claim your $COMBO

(ETH gas fee is on the rise again so make sure to check the gas fee before you claim)

Sensei 🙋‍♂️ "I didn't get no COMBO token"
"Don't worry. You can get COMBO and start mining in one combo. Just watch this step by step Vieedeo, son 👇"

Swap tokens to get COMBO on Uniswap and add liquidity into ETH/COMBO pool


Everything is done inside FURUCOMBO so you don't actually have to go to Uniswap and swap tokens and stake manually.

Just click cubes and Send. That is all.

Sensei 🙋‍♂️ "How do I get kick ass rewards?"
"You can maximize rewards by staking more COMBO and holding it longer in the pool, son"

Reward depends on the "Staking Area" If the area gets bigger, the area can have more $COMBO. 👇

Staking area is Staking Amount * Staking Time

If you are more into reward science, math and script, here.

  1. Rewards Calculation
    You can find the script of the rewards calculations through the link here: https://github.com/dinngodev/furucombo-reward-scripts
    In summary, reward distribution is decided by trading rank, staking amount, and staking duration.
    Trading rank: higher trading volume in a round gives higher trading rank, e.g., user A/B/C’s trading volume are 10/100/1000 USD, their trading rank are 1/2/3.
    Staking amount: the amount of token in a staking contract, e.g., user A/B/C stakes 100/50/20 COMBO in the staking contract
    Staking duration: the duration of token in a staking contract, e.g., user A/B/C’s staking duration is 46500 blocks ~= 1 week.
    Share of rewards = (trading_rank * staking_amount * staking_duration)

Sensei 🙋‍♂️ "... more combos?"
"Yes, there are a lot more, son"

Here is a flashloan example.

So basically what this mean is that cough cough... do you really need to know? or you just need more combos, cough.

This strategy utilizes AAVE's flashloan to get USDC, leveraging USDC on Maker to generate DAI and short selling DAI... or you just need more combos?

Head over to Discord channel here, and go to #combohacking.

There are bunch of combo masters cam teach you more about their Ultimate combo, or you can get started and practicing here.

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