Pro Futsal Round 8 - La Cumbre vs Footbalista

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Hi Steemians

Rockingham Cambio Cumbre (5th) vs Curtin Footbalista (6th)

Rockingham Cambio Cumbre will be looking to make up for lost ground when they take on a physical Curtin Footbalista on Friday night, who sit
just two points off them on the Pro Futsal WA State Futsal League table. While the 8 time SFL Champions Cumbre are still outside the top four, Coach Wazeem
Omar will be confident that their long run form will have them comfortably inside the top four when the business end of the season approaches.

Curtin Footbalista's physical, direct style, has the potential to cause Cumbre's youth headaches, and they will no doubt be looking to make ammends
from last weeks heavy loss to Stirling Braza Ginga, where they did play a reasonable second half after a dismal first half. The winner here will at least mommentarily
put themselves level with the top four, so plenty to play for and this promises to be a hard fought contest.

This match will be live streamed with commentary on Facebook, search "WA State Futsal League" to watch live.

Kick Off


Pro Futsal Centre
25-27 Port Pirie Dr

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