Libming Earbuds

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LIBMING earbuds epitomize the ultimate balance in state-of-the-art noise reduction and outstanding sound quality that is expected from today’s discerning ears. Acoustics can be further improved by deploying triple-microphone noise reduction strategies and sophisticated signal processing algorithms, against clamour and background noise. It turns the environment of your everyday commute, exercise, work or entertainment into your private studio. In addition, its transparency mode gives you total awareness of your surroundings. With LIBMING, nothing can come between you and your music!

LIBMING features triple high-performance microphones to maximize the quality of noise cancellation, music and calls. The upper microphone detects external noise while the inner one cancels out unwanted noise under the ANC mode. Turn the ANC mode on and become fully immersed in whatever you are listening to. The lower microphone picks up and magnifies your voices even under crowded circumstances.

The Transparency Mode (Ambient Sound Mode) enables you to stay alert to your surroundings when enjoying music. If you want to quickly pick up notices of the road while walking, crossing a street, or to have a quick conversation, simply tap the earbud for the swift transition. Stay safe and convenient with LIBMING earbuds on!

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