Is Las Vegas about to get Squeezed? A Major Union Strike is Lurking.

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How many of you love a good trip to Las Vegas, NV for a fun weekend of gambling, partying and world class food? How would you feel if you saved your money, booked your trip and when you showed up....there was literally nobody working at the hotel you were staying at?
Many Las Vegas chefs, bellman, valet, bartenders, maids and service workers are in a contract dispute with Casino owners for a new five year contact. Currently the average worker gets paid $23 per hour which is just under 50k assuming a 40hr work week and no time off. The last strike was in the mid 80’s when Union workers went on strike over getting health care inclusive in the compensation package. They won easy but this time it may be different
With lower numbers of visitors not only going to Vegas but NOT GAMBLING in Vegas and the added pressure of legislation making gaming in various forms available legally in other areas, Vegas Casino moguls might be feeling a squeeze. The projected numbers don’t look good and blockchaIn apps like bookiepro might help change the gaming industry forever. The players are becoming more faceless everyday.
If your planning a trip to Las Vegas you may want to keep your eye on this situation that is developing because you may get there and end up having to stay with the Griswalds out at cousin MoMo’s House to get any type of clean towels or food & drinks. Vegas is a big machine that has its own eco system. If mass amounts of service industry employees up and walk out, it could ruin your trip with the quickness. The unions are powerful but so are the employers out there. This might shape up to being one hell of a battle soon.
I personally don’t care to much for Las Vegas anymore. For one the big corporations ruined Vegas with new rules and only maximum profits as the goal. Vegas was way better and more loose when the Mob Rule was the law of the town. For me there is very little reason to go to Vegas because playing in the crypto game is not only a great gamble but, it’s at least a fair game because of blockchain transparency. Quit giving your hard earned cash to corporate suits who could care less about you and start placing more bets on the future of money.


thanks for the info

Its painful to know that "Lag Vegas", a place well known as a home of vacation and pleasure is going through this sad situation.
I just hope it gets its Mojo back

Quit giving your hard earned cash to corporate suits who could care less about you and start placing more bets on the future of money.

Yea I love this view. The introduction of blockchain technology is changing everything for the better and I agree that we all should embrace this change.

I had a stay of one night at Las Vegas.But unfortunately i didn't visit any places except we were walking at the roads.The building were really beautiful and we went to one casino also but its a small one.

What ever happened to the hold days when the casinos could bring people in the back ally to "have a chat". haha

But even to this day Vegas is a gross, repulsive, fun, amazing shit show of entertainment! Although most of the time the thought of Vegas turns me off, the thought of no Vegas at all is worse! I have now have more mixed feelings than I thought! haha

Interesting point about gambling future and the relationship gambling will have with crypto and blockchain.

I am curious to see what happens!

Simply stunning that site; I think there's no way to get bored. I remember the name Cesar Palace a lot, because there, some years ago, several fights of world boxing championships took place; Of course, physically I was not there, I just watched the peleas on TV. I am very happy that you have the opportunity to attend such a spectacular place. Greetings.

Oh yes, Las Vegas is a city of excitement and for fans of gambling there is everything to entertain, although you can often stay with empty pockets, so I completely agree with you, the blockchain is much more transparent and much more profitable technology! Thank you @broncnutz

I didn't know la vegas but looks a very interesting place to visit because you can find good places good food and many things with high quality, yesterday was a sad day for las vegas

If that happens, they can lose 10 million dollars a day

Las Vegas is a beautiful city with lots of games and opportunities I must say is one city I loved to visit sometime

I have never been to Vegas but it has always been on my bucket list. It isn’t real high on the bucket list compared to other things. Like you said, I can find my gaming fix in so many other ways. In fact, I’m already part of a poker league run through steemit called the Steem Poker League (SPL). I never really thought about it until you mentioned it but you are right. Vegas might just be heading to a time when they are obsolete.

I've got the solution in one sentence. @broncnutz Mile-High Casino and Stadium, Done.


corporates are all in for our money but we have to play it smartly too

Not interested in Vegas either. I’d rather not throw money away. Loved your line “Griswalds out at cousin MoMo’s House“ :)

I was never a gambler, so when I try casinos, I get bored pretty fast, plus I'm not a poker gamer (don't even know how to play) so Las Vegas is not a first place for me to visit, but would love to travel there one day and so I really enjoy the photos and post about Las Vegas.

Hello friend how are you,did you forgot me.

I for one hope that there is a strike and that it succeeds. American workers are so underpaid precisely because unions are so weak and unwilling to fight for the betterment of workers' lives.

Hahaha i can just say wow love these strikes regards the companies that is what keeps employers to get united.

I didn't know la vegas but looks a very interesting place to visit because you can find good places good food .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @broncnutz

Keep good work of every time ...

It would have been great if I had a vacation to Las vegas, because the place is very beautiful and there are various games that are very challenging,
But I really agree with your opinion about the game game, because many game game place that use machine is not so sister to the player, because in game machine there is a rule which is rather difficult to make us become winner, your presentation very good my brother, congratulations and succeed my brother.

Woooo amigo muy lindas las vegas @broncnutz cosas como bellas como las vegas crean felicidad :)

Weekly off is necessary for workers they are humans , by the way machines also need to take rest .

Ya I listen las Vegas is gambling city and looks beautiful at night

for game this is good post. thanks for it.

Las Vegas Mi Lugal DEL Mundo Favorito, Me Lleva a Hermosos Recuerdos, Gracias Por Compartir Hermano @broncnutz, TE Aprecio Saludos!

Las Vegas is Wonderful , do you want to walk to aceh because there are many beautiful sights like the dam jeulikat lhokseumawe?

Looks like a lot of fun. So much fun to hang out in Las Vegas.

Highly recommend you check out Red Rocks Canyon. It's just outside of the Las Vegas city limits. And, it's fantastic scenery! Also, nice to get away from all the glitz and glamour of the city.

My favorite hotel there is The Cosmopolitan. The deck on top the the hotel is amazing!

Hope to be with you all next year for this event!

las vegas...
the great gambling spot
Traveling is fun. If someone wants to save money while traveling, then he does not have fun to travel. Traveling will be like travel.

This is awesome work from you have a great day.

Maybe travelers need to wait till the workers return back to work cos it won't easy to just go to hotel and find no attendants

Amazing work sir thanks a lot for sharing this video.

Yes its gonna be squezed.

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Vegas is the place to be

as i am not american i don't know LV, my source lv is one of the exciting,colourful,crazy state on of the world. i hope so and i think i should visit that...

las vegas...
the great gambling spot in the world...
love it

keep patience and win money

wow really excellent game post. thanks for @broncnutz

I really wanted to like it, maybe it was my greatest hope to vacation to las vegas and have fun there.

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My thoughts is its up to vegas casinos to staff their hotels for the patrons. If they don't supply the adequate accomodations I would be asking for a partial refund.

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