More FREE raffle/lottery tickets

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Our first raffle ran today and @rb3coins won 9.5x his stake.

We have four different raffles, each of different stake ranging from 0.1 Steem to 10 Steem per ticket, giving you the possibility of winning 950 Steem.

We still have FREE tickets available to new players, see our previous post for details of how to claim your free ticket.

Don't waste this opportunity, it's FREE

Please gamble responsibly GambleAware


Thanks @cupz for me my first but special win at a raffle. Hope to win many more. Also great too see all things added with-in the cupz site that surely will add towards the future growth @cupz. Good day too you and through-out.

Congratulations on your win, I'm very happy for you and thanks for the kind words, I am very happy to have you as part of our community.

Thanks Jonsey and all cupz members through-out ahead .

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