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UPvote - Comment - Win

It is that easy! This is Free!
All other giveaway's require you to send SBD or STEEM.
Not here!

Just up-vote this Post, Comment Down below

Using a random number generator; i will pick the winning Comment and up vote them with a 100% upvote

Current Vote Prize: .25-.35$

John Comments
Jane comments
jack Comments

I use RNG to pick 1-3. (it says 2...so Jane gets 100% upvote)

Winners Chosen randomly throughout the day

Note: If you upvote this post and your upvote is worth more than my 100% vote, i will upvote you a 90-98% vote as a consolation prize

Picture from : Moneycrasher.com


me please

congrats! you won!


No payment required? Sounds good!

thanks for playing, maybe next time ;)

Lookin for it

thanks for playing, maybe next time ;)

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