After Action Review of Pumpkin Jack Indie Game

in #game4 months ago

I hope doing this because of principle but honestly I can't see a reason to not give this a game a 10/10 on xbox. No glitches. Active support to fix bugs if any at all. A game that takes me back to a time where games I loved were easy to find. A game that takes me back to the games didn't have a difficulty settings but where just the right amount of easy/hard. The gradual difficulty increase from stage to stage and from boss to boss. Where you didn't need to worry if the bosses were just going to be repeats of one another. They were all completely different. The side stages had all different goals. No bosses were killed in the game manner.
It gave you medievil without giving you medievil.. It gave you nostalgia but didn't make you feel like you were just playing the same game over from the past again.


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