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If you're into game development, specially visual novels, I have some good news: As promised, here's my first set of codes for renpy that I'm sharing with the world.
Up till a while ago, to get your hands on these, you had to become one of my patreons, but that's not the case anymore, you can have them for free now. download, use and enjoy.

0GUI is a simplified version of Ren'Py interface for GUI designers. it is intended for more advanced developers whom know how to modify screens and want to generate a completely customized game interface, 0GUI gives you the most stripped down version of interface to start with and from there you can build up your own design.

It does look good enough out of the box to be used as a replacement for the current GUI and with the amount of customization can be applied to it without touching any screen, it can also be used by beginners as well.


You can read more about it here, and download it from the same place:

0GUIM - mobile version of 0GUI optimized for touch (coming soon):

0GUI adds - Additional screens that can be added to the game by copying the file:

0GUI dev tools - the developer tools to assist you in development process:

Right now the everything is a jumbled mess, some of the code need to be optimized and some need documentation. hopefully I can find enough time for these small touches, but don't hesitate to suggest anything that you think might help.

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