Going open source

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I've been coding for games in past few years specially for Ren'py game engine.
After a while of trying to generate interest in my patreon by holding my code hostage, I decided to go the complete opposite way.
I've been a believer in open source ever since I found about it, but for a while, clients paying me to code for them gave me this illusion that my code is too valuable to share it for free. I was arrogant and selfish.
I'm still arrogant and selfish, just a little less. It wasn't a change of heart or anything like that, I sat down to calculate my next move, and going open source was the best option.

The transition period
Considering the amount of work on my hands, it's going to take a while before I cleanup all of my code and put it on github, If you're in a hurry to get your hand on something, contact me and I'll give you the code directly.
My skype name is "kiaazad" and my discord is " Kia#6810"

I decided to do this while I don't have any active patreons, but if you where considering to support me, you can still do that. I'll come up with some new perks for my supporters.

Contributing to the cause
Another way you can support me in this endeavor is contributing to the code directly, be it spotting mistakes and problems, suggesting something, adding comments or documenting how to pages. after all, I'm one guy and need as much help as I can get.
hopefully this way I can be more productive and have more time to spend on creating games.

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