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Dear Settlers and Raiders,

we have reworked the mechanics how our battle system works. The new system is now live and works for every battle from block 35440591 onwards.

Initially, all ships in one slot were considered on big ship to fight against. This meant, that you first needed to replete the full shield and armor of the combined ships in one slot before structure was hit and ships were destroyed. The result was, that in most cases the winner of a battle would not lose any ships. Also, this system was favoring the small corvettes, as those have a relatively high shield compared to their structure stats. This was especially visible as the Laser Ships, which have a 4x effectivity against shield are not out yet.

In the new battle systems we are considering the ships 1 by 1. This means that the first ship of the attacker will fight the first ship of the defender. Then the first ship of the defender will fight the first ship of the attacker. Next Ship 2 from the Attacker will fight ship 1 of the Defender. This continues until Ship1 dies. If one of the parties is done with all of their ships, the other party will continue to attack until every ship has shot once. Then, the next round begins.

This new system will make battle much more costly for the attacker. Some examples:

If a player attacks another player with 100 Corvettes and the defender has 50 Corvettes, today the attacker would not lose any ships. After the new update, the attacker will lose 16 Corvettes. Besides being more realistic, we think that this will also result in fewer raids of small players as even a small player will have the opportunity to do some damage to the attacker, who in turn would have to consider wisely if it makes sense to raid a planet.

@jarunik has implemented the new system also in his simulator, so feel free to test the system out before you send your first ships into battle.

Good luck with your battles and explorations - next on our agenda is the implementation of the Wonders of the Universe and the Rewards System.

This update also contains a number of bug fixes and small optimizations such as the scrollable planet switch menu to optimally manage a large number of planets.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.



You ARE listening to me! This is exactly what I suggested and I am very happy to see it implemented.

Of course we do! (:

Great update!

NextColony needs something like this

To protect small and weak planets)

haha.. like that!

It's time to put that research center to work. We need planet defense.

It's time to put that
Research center to work. We
Need planet defense.

                 - just2random

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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This is an improvement but in the real world an attacker needs a 3:1 advantage to be sure of victory. The system still favours the attacker which is unrealistic.

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Logical change, well done.

Besides being more realistic, we think that this will also result in fewer raids of small players as even a small player will have the opportunity to do some damage to the attacker, who in turn would have to consider wisely if it makes sense to raid a planet.

Really small players often can't even build a single explorer, because they are getting attacked all the time. That means they can't start really playing the game at all.

I think a rule would help that one cannot attack a certain planet more often than once a week.
Furthermore I suggest it should be possible to stop producing, so even if a small player cannot win a battle, he could then prevent the attacker to gain a lot of resources.

I have not engaged in big battles so far, but the changes seem to be reasonable. Great to see such updates to the system

Does this change effect the shield and armor regeneration skills in any way?

The mechanics are unchanged, ships recharge or regenerate after every turn.

At last. Thanks a lot @nextcolony for the update. This would go a long way✌💗

These are the advances we want to see. Keep it up!

So glad this is finally happening... THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE 85 BEFORE IT GETS IMPLEMENTED.. LOL

Finally you are balancing this!

This update was badly needed. I nearly quite the game last week. If you don't use bots or have alt accounts you have no chance in this game. Whenever I try to explore, a bot jumps in and beats me to it... when I attack an inactive planet, all of a sudden someone has sent support to destroy my fleet. Hopefully smaller players will now have a chance.

I think what's most important is that the developers are listening to the complaints that come there way, and are doing what they can to remedy the problems, while keeping the game moving forward. I can imagine that this is not an easy task. Although this update does change the battle system, it does not really help against bots, bullies and farmers. It is the inability to build a significant defensive force that allows these kinds of attackers to continue as before. Once an opponent has reduced you to zero ships, it is a grave that you cannot dig yourself out of.

Take for example a bot that can attack you with 20 Corvettes every 4 hours, depending upon the location. Once you have had all of your fleet eliminated, that bot can basically stop you from building up any useful defense. Even if you manage to destroy one ship, it can be replaced in 9 hours. And maybe it took you days to build up a fleet of 5 Corvettes, just to take out that one ship and find yourself back to zero again. It's unfortunately a circumstance that you cannot get yourself out of. Buying ships does not help unless you can buy enough to eliminate your attacker's fleet and level the playing field. But if your attacker does not lose all of their ships, they will soon regain the advantage and suppress you.

But I'd like to end on a positive note and offer my personal advice. As I said at the start, the developers are paying attention to our gaming experience. That's to be greatly appreciated!!! And if you read all of the comments to this post, you will find this response from @nextcolony "We will release defense ships very soon." And there are strange voices in the wind whispering words like Scouts, Patrols and Cutters! This means that PATIENCE remains your greatest asset and principle for enjoying this project!

So if you are new to the game, or you are being suppressed by bots, bullies or farmers, I would recommend you focus on building up your Skills for more resources and greater ship qualities, because more updates are on the way!!!

We will publish soon the possibility to increase the depot capacity. Thus indirectly upgrade the bunker. That's defense, too.

That's really exciting news!!! I was just mentioning this very idea recently in one of my Story Posts!!!

@nextcolony, Keep adding more value to this platform through these changes and Upgradations team.

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Nice. Would defence buildings be a possibility in the future? Like buildings that damage incoming attackers.

We will release defense ships very soon.

Finally! I've been waiting for that (even though I have not been attacked: D)

I think it's good update. Improving balance is moving in the right direction.

Thank-you. This makes for a fairer game and hopefully, will also reduce the amount of attacks on players. That said 82 corvettes vs 10 corvettes sees the aggressor loose only 1 ship. (so perhaps smaller players will still feel some pain)

I used simulator for 50 corvette corcus for attacker and 50 for defender. To my surprise attacker won. I think while defending , defence should get some boost so that in same level of fight defence can win.

System seems to be broke, First two times I tried to go to my second planet, auto logged out and had to re log in, twice. next two tries, I was able to go to my second planet and go to the building screen, tried to upgrade a building, auto logged off. Logged back in went to second planet, went to buildings, nope the key chain confirmation did not take building was not upgraded, tried again, and again auto logged off. Will try again later this evening, much later.

That's already known, we're working on it. Thanks!

I can't seem to login at all. I try through SteemConnect, but after staying on "connecting..." for a while, it leads me back to the login page. Same issue?

Same here, we're working on it.

This is really good and close to reality.

Excellent change.

Thank you!

This was a very needed update.

Good to know that the large attackers will at least see some losses. Otherwise their gains keep compounding. Thanks!

If a player attacks another player with 100 Corvettes and the defender has 50 Corvettes, today the attacker would not lose any ships. After the new update, the attacker will lose 16 Corvettes.

For me this sounds fair and good.

The Hamster Army´s say: thank´s for this update.

We make the Universe Fluffy. :-)
Alucian the Only Ones

Excellent change. THANK YOU!!!

It's wonderful to see that you aren't stuck on your initial ideas and willing to make changes.

great changes of game!, i love simulator of @jarunik

Excellent, all updates and especially from the list of planets and scroll it to make it easier to manage. Thanks for that, I kept bothering about it in the help chat, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Great improvement to how battles work. That prior system was a big problem when it made strong attackers immune.

Very nice. Been hoping for this for quite some time.

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