Piggericks: A Complete Guide to Winning Bounties for Content Creators

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Hey there gamers! We are back again with yet another reveal about Piggericks! You must have heard us constantly blabbering about our bountiful Pre-Sale offer and as promised, we are here to guide you on how you can participate in one of our offers for content creators and win all the bounties possible!

Still haven’t heard about our Pre-Sale? No worries! Visit this page and come back again once you get the idea (we’re not going anywhere!)


Let’s get straight to it! As you must have seen in our pre-sale announcement that we are offering bounties up to $750 to content creators who will talk about Piggericks through their content, and help us with the promotion.
As displayed in the chart below, the 25 top content creators of each of the 3 categories will win these bounties.

Just to briefly explain:

● The best video will be rewarded with 750$
● The second best video with 500$
● … and so on


The details of the bounties are explained, here
Now, let us explain the entire promotion and participation in detail!

What kind of content can you create?

To participate in our promotion, you can create any type of content from the mentioned categories:

  • Create a video
  • Write a blog
  • Create a social media post


Whether you’re a video creator, a blogger, or just a social media butterfly – if you’re talking about Piggericks in your content, by following the right criteria, you will be eligible to participate in the promotion. Note that you can choose any of these options – pick one, any two or all three – the choice is yours. The more, the merrier – if you pick all three, you have a chance to win all the bounties!

Now, let’s have a look at the conditions of content creation, in details.

Creating a Video

First off, all kinds of videos are welcomed by us. There is no restriction on what kind of video will be considered as a part of this promotion. We are only focused to pick the best content creators producing high-quality content that will actually help gamers know about Piggericks.

If you publish a video that informs viewers about Piggericks in an interesting manner, it will be considered as an entry, regardless of its type. You can create a video in any of the following forms:

  • A video wholly dedicated to Piggericks
  • A video where you partially talk about Piggericks
  • A live show video
  • An explainer video
  • A live play video
  • A review video, etc.

There is no restriction on the type of video, the platform used to upload the video, or the format of the video. The only condition is that the video needs to be on a public platform and be visible to the general public.

Creating a Blog Post

If you’re not a video creator, don’t worry! You can still participate in our promotion and win bounties. Another way of participating is by writing a blog post about Piggericks. This blog post can be on Hive, Medium, Steemit, or any other blogging platform. You can also use your personal blog to talk about Piggericks.

Social Media Post

This is one of the easiest ways to take part in the promotion. All you need to do is spread the word about Piggericks on your social media handle. Use any social media channel like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok – whatever you use the most. Make sure your social media channel is public and not private.
If you’ve created a video or a blog post for the promotion, the same can also be shared on social media through a link. This way, you can participate in the promotion using two or more methods and get a chance to win more bounties! Exciting, isn’t it?
Now that you know all the mediums of participating in the promotion, let’s have a look at what kind of content you need to post.

What kind of content do we prefer?

For this promotion, the content that you post about Piggericks, is the major factor of our selection criterion.
Now, I know what you’re thinking.
No, you don’t only have to sing the praises of Piggericks – you are free to write or say whatever you feel about the game. So, even if you don’t like the game, make a post about it and you will still be a part of the promotion. We always welcome criticism and honest reviews.

Let’s quickly check out what kind of content we would be looking for, to reward our bounties to:

- Explain the game and its concepts: The content needs to be informative and must paint a clear picture of the game. In other words, we need you to explain what the game is all about. What is the concept of the game? What do you need to do to get started? How do you play the game with other players? What is piggery? What are grunts? Etcetera, etcetera. So, whether you want to keep it precise or exhaustive – it should explain the game well.

- Write or say freely but keep it original: We need you to give your actual opinion on the game. This means you don’t have to say only good things about the game. If you don’t like it – say it! However, keep the content original. We want the content to come directly from the actual players of the game. So, tell your audience your personal experience and give your true opinion. We would also look into the originality of the content (criteria described below), so stealing or copying content from others is not appreciated and such content won’t be considered as a part of the promotion.

Now, we don’t want to restrict you a lot, so that's about it. To sum it up – you need to create the content, keep it informative and original.

How to Participate?

To participate in the promotion, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Register with Piggericks

The first thing you need to do is to register with Piggericks. Because what’s the point of writing about a game if you haven’t played it?

So, you need to register, go to the shop and click on “redeem promocode” to get your first piggies for free. Once you’re in, you can start playing the game.
If you haven’t checked the game out yet, visit here to know how it works and how you can play.

Step 2: Create the Content and Post It

Create the content – a video, a blog post, or a social media post. As per the conditions and details mentioned in the above sections, you need to create informative content and post it on any given platform.
Any video platform, blogging platform, and social media channel will work – provided it is accessible to the public.

Step 3: Link to it in the comment of this post & prove it is yours

Once you’ve posted your blog or video, post a link to your content in a comment to this post.
Please note that we must be able to link your Hive account somehow to the original content, if it is not written or published on Hive. For instance, if you’ve created a video on YouTube, you could mention in the video that you are taking part in this promo and mention your Hive username, or you could mention your Hive account in the description of the video.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can be part of the promotion and win amazing bounties!

Lastly, let’s talk about the criteria we use to select the top content creators who will be rewarded the top bounties worth $750 (in case of video) and $500 (in case of blog and social media posts)!

What is the criterion of selection?

Ultimately we just want great and amazing content so folks that want to learn more about the game can do so.

We will look for 3 things to choose the best content creators and they are explained below:

The Quality of your Work
Quality will be the most important factor we look for. By quality, we mean how well your content is made and the overall production quality of your work. Your content must be of a minimum standard for us to consider it as an entry.

Here, one thing that you need to note is that you need to really talk about Piggericks and explain it. You cannot just say ‘I love Piggericks’ and get into the promotion. We are looking for informative content, artwork and whatever you are good at that explains what the game is all about and generates interest among other gamers.

The Information Provided
The second important factor is what information your post imparts about the game. Does it explain the game and how it works? Does it talk about the different elements of the game? Does it answer the queries of beginners or prospective gamers? Does it induce interest? Ultimately does it convey knowledge or not just wasting time?
You can keep it precise but it needs to be informative to qualify for the promotion giveaway.

The last factor is the number of viewers or readers that you share your content with. The more people you reach with your content, the better.
So, this was pretty much everything about our promotional giveaway and bounties for content creators, except for one last thing: The bounties will be distributed by the end of July.

We are so excited about this giveaway! To learn more about the game, visit our website and join us on our social media channels to stay updated:

Stay tuned

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