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RE: Let there be light!

in #gamedev2 years ago

Hey man, I checked out your profile since I got a nice upvote + follow combo from you (thanks for that!).

I got really surprised though since I did not expect any Phaser content on Steemit. Actually, I am just developing a shoot em up game with Phaser 3 (probably will publish some footage tomorrow).

Articles like this are really interesting and useful to me, I am looking forward to see some more of them. I have never used lights before in my game but maybe at some new features I will :)


Hey! Always nice to find some one new developer with a game touch on steem. Looking forward to posts about the shoot em up and best of luck with the interviews

Yeah exactly, and thank you so much :)
Actually, I just uploaded a video about it to dtube. The game is embedded into a website which I am building right now, so it is basically a browser game hybrid.