Eth.Town is Heating Up, Let the CryptoCities Gold Rush Begin!

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Let the Gold Rush Begin

The gold has started flowing over at They have started to implement the gaming phase of this project. If you have a city and haven't been to the site in a while, you better get over there and claim your territories. Each territory that you occupy gives you gold every second. It's sorta Goo-ish. The gold will be used for battles to claim more territory. It may be a trade able ERC token in the future. If you don't have any land, you can still get cheap land in the marketplace. Just make sure the territories around that city aren't all taken up so you can get some of this gold.

Eth.Town is Heating Up

Eth.Town has announce another mini-game. The details were a bit fuzzy, but I guess its a dress up battle???? I guess we will find out. If you own a character or signed up for the beta, you will have a chance to play this and the other mini-games early. I believe you can still sign up on the website. More info on the mini games in this Medium Post

Win a ChibiFighter

Here is your chance to play ChibiFighters while its still in Beta.ChibiFighters doesn't fully launch before May 12th, so this is an exclusive sneak peek for those who don't have a Founder Chibi. You have to do all the steps to enter this contest. I will validate all contest entries.

  1. Follow me on Twitter (if your not already)
  2. Like and RT Our Tweet
  3. Follow, Upovote and Resteem this post
  4. Comment this post with your Twitter Feed Link and your ETH address you want the Chibi sent to
    I will give:
    100% upvote to the first 5 entries
    50% upvote to the next 10 entries
    25% upvote to the next 20 entries
    10% upvote to the last 40 entries

So get in early and get my MAX 100% Upvote!

This will give you 2 entries, one on twitter and one here. Good Luck!

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all done. eth address: 0x5259777C87fA0F2c7F141085aF31586d7c029678

Appreciate comments

all done sir.

twitter link:

eth address: 0x3E80A563E361e9f9Bf1651102Cd0ca5DC0FA0174



Eth: 0xeD41e094174a26a375a389c8bDC4536403EB6918

done sir. twitter link:

eth address: 0xB3f1441e04ce49305Ad4e387695F22f61E207196

Done !

done sir.. twitter link:

eth address: 0xEC720828098970458dC72554E8F96489548c0c36


Twitter feed :
ETH Address : 0x500E760A0BCeeA54D4112e766E191DC16d03A592

Mr Contest! Keep em coming. Love the new EtherStocks logo

nice games on ETH contracts

I love these civ type games. Might get drawn into this one. Thanks for the update.

Chibi fever!

You have introduced with a useful game. It is related to Bitcoin that is more fun.

Wow... This is a good innovation. My account is always functional to accept this golds. Thanks for the information sir @brittuf.

How long will the heat last

interesting game idea.

done... twitter link:

eth address: 0x82F132fdEd0515b7BEDcE709838033F8d756d3d8

very useful for me this post. Thank you very much.

Wow! This is great

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Thank you for giving good news. people will come to the market to see which opportunities are more profitable and also a cheap price.

I don't get it... CryptoCities is like a strategy game?

yes,its in the early stages, but its evolving into a civilization like strategy game

Blockchain is the future. To shun it now is to get left behind.

Ethar currency is now getting good popularity in this community that is related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency so I think you have discussed a topic important.

If it is converted into a game and is released in this community, then I think it's going to be a very good thing.

Hyper. Cool this post

Thanks for share @brittuf...

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I hope this will be so awesome and enjoyable,,,
Ether stocks current details

Game character is available for this old man,,hahahha!!!!
Old man gold rush

game costums look like a battle game.

This looks so interesting! Hoping my area will be available haha. Quite a cool spin.

your amazing post is very good and useful for me and for all my steemian friends. i am very awesome postingan.terima for your suggestion that very extraordinary good this.

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