Farming Has Evolved! Get Tips, Free Farmers and 100% Upvote

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Farming...The Next Generation

Just like in the clone wars, the farming wars have caused an evolution. The only downside of the first wave of farmers, is they have runaway inflation. The mature farmers never die, so farmer production will always continue to rise. This is the problem with . The game can still last for months and distribute 100's of ETH, but they will die eventually. In an effort to increase longevity, a new generation of farmers have emerged. When you sell your farmers in this generation, 25%-30% of your farmer population will die. This "burns" farmers off the market so they will hold their value better. If you have been using my strategies, you still can with these new farmers. You just have to sell/rebuy every 24 hours instead of every 6-8 hours. Check my previous posts for more info on these. Get your Free farmers below:

New Next Gen. Farmers with "Burning"

  1. EtherShrimpFarm2
  2. EtherSpermBank
  3. EtherSnailFarm

New Farmers

  1. EtherDragonFarm (this one has a nice twist, no burning though)
  2. MiningRigFarm

Claim your Free Farmers from the Original Generation in the links below.

  1. EtherShrimpFarm
  2. EtherCrocsFarm
  3. EtherTrumpFarm
  4. EtherCartel
  5. EtherAntHills
  6. FishFarm
  7. PepeFarmClub
  8. ChickenFarm

After you claim all your free farmers above, just follow these instructions and get your 100% Upvote and a chance at 3 SBD. I will give 3 SBD to 1 random entry. Be sure to sign up with all the farmers. The winner of the SBD must be at least a Free player of all the games on the list. To Enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Like and Re-Tweet this Tweet
  3. Comment on the TWEET with your ETH address
  4. Upvote and Resteem this post
  5. Comment on this post with your ETH address

Your comments on the tweet and this post will count as 2 entries total!

I will validate the entry and then give you an 100% upvote


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ready my friend @brittuf



Funky idea!


All done
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already create my METAMASK account and enter the pages, but I really do not know how to start producing, you have some post that I explain how to play, sorry I am new to this


just put a little ETH in your wallet, like $10 or so and you can start sending transactions

All Done ...
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All done sir @brittuf

I heard about this game for the first time and it sounds interesting. Thankyou @bittruf for sharing this post I will have a detailed look over it 🙂🙂

no problem.. have fun

Thank you so much for the great post like it so much @brittuf

all done sir..


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i would like to join this. but i haven't any ETH address.
any way thanks.

wow, this is very cool @brittuf, this is very useful for all of us, and i really like the game, in my opinion read, this game you share is very challenging, i really like game which has many challenges. Thanks for sharing...


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I hope you will keep up your word..
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Interesting that farm games are evolving. Maybe the often discussed but never adopted Kitty sink would have saved Cryptokitties. Basically, some of the core community wanted shit kitties to just go away instead of deflating prices and clogging up the marketplace.

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Nice work keeep it up

All done.


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hopefully the farmers are more advanced and growing, thanks to vote back yes

A very interesting game, I will try it by following your suggestion.
Like ETH FARMING.the next generation.
Thanks @brittuf

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