After Action Review: Tell me Why chapter 2

in #games5 months ago

When more questions were answered. MANY many more questions needed to be asked when this game. This didn't just stop after chapter one though. This continued even into chapter 2. The more information we got from looking into the past the more questions we needed answered from everyone from our past.

This is honestly how the story kept drawing you in as you made the decisions and choices to talk to everyone in your lives to get more answers. But when they didn't provide them you had to get them yourself. Some answers were humbling. Showing the some people cared more then how they showed you when you first encountered them. But you had to do some sneaking to find these secrets out. Like how Eddy did way more then one either twin knew what he was doing. Some others like Sam still seem to go through a learning process. But in the long run as you work with him through the chapters. You see a man that heart was so hurt and broken from the lose of the twins mother. That he was not sure how to interact with people let alone the twins anymore.

The relationship between Michael the sister of Tyler and Tyler himself continues to be developed in this chapter as well. Which in you felt was going to be a thing from their first encounter. That make it playful which does help the mood a bit more. But in the long run this chapter ultimately falls onto Tessa and the twins going to their mothers grave. It is a heart warming moment that finally gives closure to not only the twins but Tessa as well where it allows them to rebuild the relationship we thought we lost in chapter 1.

But in the long run this don't stop here and we discover that the twins mother. May have actually been hiding more secrets near the end. Ultimately we will have to try and get the twins working together because the strain is to much for Alyson to coup with at the end. This seem to be going back for the twins as Alyson leaves from the pain the visions are bringing her. Are we going to be able to fix the bond or have we split the twins for good?

Honestly this part of the story had me more captivated then the first and hard me much more excited to see the bonds between certain characters become something. This portion of the game gets a 8.5/10 for me and the rating seems to just become more and more impressive as time goes on. I hope this trend does not stop. I want the next section if it is the ending to WOW me more.