[BLOCKCHAIN CUTIES] Thoughts about playing without money investment

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So from my previous posts you know that I have invested some time into this blockchain game. The intro cutie was going well but it was way too slow so I decided to invest some of my SBD in the game as I found it quite likable. But first let me tell you about my intro cutie and thoughts about playing without any investment in it.

The following picture is how my cutie looks right now:

The following are the stats for my intro cutie:

As you can see the stats aren't too bad but they aren't that amazing and still losing quite a bit of times. But I'd say for a start up cutie with 0 money spent and just stuff earned from adventures and sold this is quite a good set up and easily achievable. I only bought the hat for the cutie and the bracelets and won the other stuff on adventures. Buying accessories is not that cheap but if you really want to make your cutie win more these were the cheapest but best options I could afford with what I had earned so far in game.

Thoughts about playing without any money investment in the game:

Even though it's perfectly achievable to play this game without investing any money in it. You can't buy your own cutie from just in-game earnings for about 3-4 months probably. I had earned 0.18$ at start in about a week or two, but then it starts going stale and buying one cutie that is a cheaper option is 0.80$. So I'm guessing it would probably take around that long. And as much as the game is likable and quite addicting, somebody who doesn't have the patience wouldn't keep playing it. I'd only recommend this to people who are patient and willing to put in the effort and learn about the game before playing it. I would have kept playing it without investment if I had nothing to invest, so it was quite fine by me.

Strategies for quicker advancement:

For quicker advancement in the game I'd suggest building your cutie's stats with items you can buy from the market out of your earnings or from finding drops in the adventures and instead of selling them using them on your cutie. The things I sold were mostly potions because they aren't much useful as the adventure cooldown gets back to where you were quite fast. Sending your cutie to the first stage/adventure is most profitable as it's somewhere the beginner players go mostly. However sending it on the second one hasn't seemed quite profitable for me.

You can find good affordable items at the marketplace in the items market. I found it most useful to have a higher drop rate instead of experience in order to get more items when you win the adventures, as items are the most valuable thing in the game. Having luck and plenty of attack and defense helps you win battles more easily. I haven't focused much on evasion because I honestly don't know what good it would do. Buying a weapon or an accessory is quite expensive, so I'd leave that for last.

Some good recommendations for items

Also when you put something on your cutie do be careful because the only way to remove it is with an item called the clothes hanger which isn't quite cheap. You can get it from the achievements though or have it drop when you win an adventure. I noticed that you there's many players that don't know you can claim the achievements and they give you items or in game silver coins. So make sure you claim them as they help! Beware though you can have an achievement that looks like it's completed but it isn't because you need to go over the amount of of things it needs. Like this one:

It needs to specifically say Claim!

Final thoughts

Beware of the Gas Price! It can easily vary from 1-20 and it reaches 20 during the whole week quite easily. The best Gas Prices are usually on the weekend but even then it can sometimes still fluctuate. My next post will be about buying, selling, giving cuties for sire and breeding them. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow!

Thanks for the read!

And if you do decide to join the game please use my referral link. I'd truly appreciate it and I might make some giveaways if all works out as it should: https://blockchaincuties.com?inviter=63742730

ETH address for donations for blockchain cuties: 0x12edf4564f54514b3f6b068066ddd4ebce0a9a68

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