My First Impressions of the Highly Anticipated "Doom Eternal"

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Doom Eternal... The follow-up to one of the best FPS shooters of 2016, imaginatively entitled Doom. I managed to snap up this little beauty last night from a games website and currently am about an hour in. Put simply, it's already love at first sight. And I've gotta admit, I'm psyched as a mofo on heat about it now. This one is shaping up real nice, like.


From a pure innovation standpoint, nothing much seems to have changed. The frantic run-and-gun action looks like it's there in spades, yet again. And to be honest, that can only be a good thing. The formula set by ID Software with the last latest iteration of their massively successful franchise, is tweaked to perfection. No puzzle solving, no quiet down time giving you, the player, a chance to breathe. No, this is balls-to-the-wall intensity like no other. So, what can the team do differently this time around? Refinement and introduction of some much beloved characters from the past, for a start. I'll be posting up the same video I saw, therefore won't be giving you any unnecessary spoilers here though.

The familiarity of the first game was the first thing to hit me. The graphical tone and animations will be all too recognizable to fans of Doom, however somehow the developers have managed to "up the insane pacing" even more. However be warned that this game starts out at an 11 out of ten and does not relent thereafter. In addition, we appear to get much more in terms of "hell spawn deaths" sequences. A very welcome addition, which really gets the blood pumping. There is now also have a chain mechanic, similar in look to ""Ghost Riders" unique weapon of choice. This has the ability to airlift our protagonist to seemingly unreachable parts of the environment. Nice touch, if I may say so.

The cinematic visuals have been honed and improved upon, with a much bigger game world to fight your way through. I'm sure the linearity is still there, but again, I feel that's what the game designers were purposefully trying to reproduce. From first appearances anyways, it seems all the things that made the first outing as great as it was, are all present and subtly built upon. Leading me to believe we'll be getting a lot more of the same in that respect, as the game progresses. Which isn't, by any means, a bad thing per se. Here is a little video below to whet your appetites somewhat. Press play and enjoy! :)

This is definitely one to watch, nestled within an already incredible looking roster of titles being released throughout the remainder of this year. What a great time to be into gaming, albeit apart from the deadly pandemic rampaging through our city streets on the outside. Still it must be said, we're really being spoilt here, you know! If only there was some way to extend human life to accommodate for the time needed to plough through it all! :)


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)

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