MTG Arena gameplay - Mono-red Standard!

in #games7 months ago

I decided to play Magic: The Gaterhing Arena. Just a few games to blow off some steam from two days of toiling with electronics, drivers and codecs, but I still ended up getting royally land fucked and beaten. To capture these gaming streams are pretty straight forward, so I’m going to harass @tarotbyfergus to sign on for more @threespeak specific gaming within our blockchain ecosystem. It’ll be therapeutic for us as well. We haven’t played a game with actual cards in weeks.

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Ultimately, I’m glad I’m dealing with all this now. The point of finishing this studio room was to do exactly what I’m doing. Painting, decorating, hanging frames and pictures. It was all part using this quarantine to further my creative pursuits. I bought a very expensive tripod that’ll be here soon, and I can start focusing on livestreams of drawings, photo editing lessons, photography workshops. I’m looking forward to it. I just need to get past all this dumb technical shit. Stay with me.

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You got your win and called it a day!
You got land-hosed hard...

Hope you keeping safe in this strange times? Wish you well in your endeavor prior to your game play. Glad it relieves you of stress! I love it! Looks similar to splinterlands.

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