Hello friend I would like to play slotto How I acquire ticket

here's the homepage
and here's an introduction post.

check out those 2 links and let me know if anything's confusing :)

Very well explained. Now we just have to wait for the results of the second round 👍😁

yes we wait for round2 winner! 😎

Has the project exceeded expectations? I have already bought my next ticket ;D Have a nice day. Good luck to everyone!

well it's too early and i'm still making adjustments, so i'm not sure. but thanks for playing and i wish you luck! 😄

I hope this time to be able to participate friend and hopefully have luck hehe

anyone can play at
i wish you luck :)

it looks interesting, but I'm not lucky with the lottery 😋

well no one is! it's meant to be a very small chance 😆

how it works with that ticket

is this a question?

Maybe if those who have won this game can be addicted to wanting to play again.. 😄 😄

right now there's only been 1 winner. i'd say winning twice is unlikely. but still possible.. 😐

Ooo .. The winner is only 1 time ... but if the winner wants to play again and order another ticket ??? ... Could it be @rounbeargames 😃

Like playing on TimeZone if we win or get a prize, you want to play again and play again ... 😀😄

yes you can play again and again. as many times as you want.
it's very unlikely but you can win again and again.

Sorry if I'm fussy ... 😄
Thank you @rounbeargames for answering my question ... 😊

no problem. i'm happy to answer :)


Buenos día @roundbeargame. Excelente video. Saludos desde Venezuela. Gracias por tu apoyo hasta luego

It's looks nice, but I couldn't get lottery.
Enjoy your Won!😊

in some religions, i've heard that you're not allowed to gamble. but thanks for coming :)

I am not participating at this time, because the two posts you previously missed for me.
Congratulations to those who will win.

dunno what you're talking about. this is the 2nd round.

yeah i have currently 4 tickets .. waiting and hope .. when draw?

right now it's set to every 30 mins. i might speed it up because i wanna apply some new updates for a new round.
but whatever the interval is, random numbers are generated until there's a winner.

ooh. thats ok.

quiero jugar amigo, pero el Internet se pone tan pesado que no me abre la pagina, tenemos ya varias semanas con problemas en mi país, como ya sabes las cosa cada vez están peor
pero voy a segur intentando gracias por explicarnos
feliz tardes

that's very unfortunate. yes i've heard that internet is slow there. hopefully it'll work soon.

I tried and nothing. The internet does not help much. I have not even been able to publish anything. Greetings friend

try to avoid peak hours. steem lags a lot and is not ready to have millions of users yet.

Thank u so much for your important information bro.

thanks. hope you enjoy :)

gracias por tan buena informacion amigo,intentare ver si participo,saludos desde margarita venezuela y agradecida por su apoyo.

greetings from south korea :)

already buy for the second round, wish me luck! Fingers Crossed 😂

i wish you more luck this time!
i gotta say probabilities of winning a lottery is very small. but still, i wish you luck 😺

hopefully the second stage, the successful ones always promote this game, @roudbeargames, ☺️👍

try it out yourself and see what happens 😎

It looks like you really enjoy this game

I hope you can continue to win this game @roundbeargames ☺️

i enjoy making it. i can't win prizes myself :)

Am new to this kind of games please is there a discord server I can join for help

i've just created a discord channel
you can join here


thanks :)
give it a try and see what happens!

I hope to get a lucky ticket. but failed seems

yes you participated in round1 but someone already got the prize 😆
round2 is still going on, so i wish you better luck!

thanks. I will try again later

Dos preguntas @roundbeargames Cuanto tiempo se puede jugar con un boleto de Slotto y si participo ahora cuando es el próximo sorteo de Slotto. Saludos y es muy buena esa idea

  1. you can play at any time, as many times you want.
  2. every hour, random numbers are created until a winner is found.

Hello friend, great video, very explicit, greetings.

I took 2 tickets.
Hope this time will be won.

great :) now you wait and hope!
i wish you luck brother

very good this program, I am very interested, thanks @roundbeargames

Buenos día. Amigos saludos espero que te encuentres bien. Gracias por su apoyo

I love gambling excitement!! yeahh!!

@roundbeargames, for sure this tutorial made clear what understanding we have to hold and it's appreciable.

And yes, we have to understand that this is an game of luck so, only random luck will win and that's the interesting aspect.

And good to know that you are pushing this to YouTube and Facebook. Let's hope that it can attract potential users towards Steemit platform.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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