Cashed Out Steem To Buy Red Dead Redemption 2, Used a New Dutch Exchange: Bitvavo Super Fast!!

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It's time to give myself a brand new game for free!!

Well.. Sort of free haha, Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to be bought with the Steem profit I made the last couple of weeks/months.
I don't really look at the numbers, bassicly everything on my Steem account is 100% profit.


I used a different exchange this time, a dutch based exchange wich has Steem listed with 0% fees, they pay out in Euros and pay out fast in my case within 5/6 hours.
Customer service is great, fast response time & ready to answer the qeustions I had.
From now I wil stick to this exchange, they have most usefull coins listed on the exchange.
And they payout fast.
Dont know if you need to be from Europe to use their service of if they are available everywhere.
If I find out I wil update!!


Now the money is on my bank account there is only one thing left tondo and that is pre-order Red Dead Redemption through the Playstation Store, but now I have to choose wich edition I want, the normal one or the special one with exclusief content.

I could just save the 15€ and buy myself some Cannabis but I dont know, what do you guys think??
Let me know in the comments!!

Time To Smoke Another One!!!
ZomboMeme 15012018221328.jpg


Nice way to use STEEM to get the game.
Enjoy the joint! I'd say go with the regular edition and the extra buds ;)
You on yet?

Yeah Steem is awsome, fast, no fees, what more do we need, not yet I wil look into it sounds familiar!

hmmmm thats a tough one, RD2 already has 60+ hrs of gameplay, and enjoying some cannabis with the game is tempting, but then youre not getting the whole experience

Or maybe some extra special expierence😎😎😆, 60 hours of game play I cant wait!!