💥 THE SCREEN-WIN contest! Get guaranteed STEEM every week! 🎁 [100 STEEM in the prize pool!]

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Join the game and win guaranteed STEEM every week! 💰

Show us the screenshot of your win and get some guaranteed EXTRA STEEM from 100 STEEM prize pool! 🎁

The prize pool will be evenly divided among all the players who take part in the contest, so each of you will receive a fair share!

💸 💸 💸

🎲 This week you can post screens from any of our games!🎲

👉 How to get rewards? 🎁
1. Resteem this post and follow @steemslotgames profile.
2. Play some games on SteemSlotGames.com
3. Take a screenshot of one of your wins and post it in the comment below this post (screens from demo versions are also allowed).


We have prepared a guaranteed 100 STEEM to be shared for all players who follow these simple rules. 💸 💸 💸

Rules of the contest

You can add a screen with your win from any of our games (also from the demo versions). Each player can post only one entry. We are waiting for your entries until Thursday (23:59pm UTC). The results will be posted on Friday and the rewards will be sent to your game accounts within 24H.

To take part in the game you need 50+ Steem Reputation. Only active users who have written a post on their Steem profile or made a deposit on our site in the last 30 days will get their reward. We want to support the growth of the Steem community and provide high-quality entertainment only to the fair, active and real users, so accounts and comments flagged by @steemcleaner, @mack-bot, and other "cleaning" profiles are excluded from the game.



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SSG.com is the first random games platform using ONLY Steem Blockchain and STEEM token! All of our games are fair, fully random and easy to play! To provide our players with the maximum level of security the login is possible through SteemConnect. Thanks to this all your keys are encrypted on your cookie file and they remains 100% private. You can learn more about safety and rules of the game in “How to Play” tab. Please remember to always play responsibly and to deposit only the amount of STEEM that will make the game only an entertainment.




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I just stopped playing, it is not any fun to never win.

We're sorry because of your downswing, sometimes it just happens, and it's only a matter of luck.
We remember that in the past you've been hitting a lot of really big wins, so we hope one day you gonna come back to smash our bank! 💪

Best wishes!

No, all I won I always lost, but that was OK, but now I never win which is why I hardly ever play anymore. Just a couple of days ago I lost 50 Steem and never had a chance. If you play a gambling game of course you know you will always end up losing, but right now how the games are set up it is even more difficult to win than playing video poker at the local Casino which is not government supervised and does whatever it wants, and yet I still manage to win sometimes.

@gduran thank you very much for your opinion. We understand your perspective because we are aware that the games we offer always carry with them a lot of emotions. Especially games like slots, which have a big variance.

You can be sure that since the beginning of our platform we have never changed the RTP of our games. Each result is generated randomly, regardless of the number of bets placed, their value or any other factor. The big win is as probable in bet number 1 as 1001 and depends entirely on the math. Our team has worked for leading European and American gambling companies and all mechanisms of our games are based on the same algorithms as in supervised casinos where you can play for USD or EUR. This standard is very important to us and we always put fairness to our players and the high quality of our games in the first place. We know that this is the foundation of our business and we make sure that all our games are based entirely on luck.

What's more, in the near future we are planning to license our platform on new markets, so as you probably understand, we can't afford to do anything about the randomness of our games. Our system, algorithms, and the game's history can be checked by the auditors, so we need to make sure everything is fair.

OK, thanks for replying.

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