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Who could ever imagine that a game that was invented in 1896 would become so popular across the world, various games were played in the ancient Greek,Spartan, Athens, Rome and even in the Egyptian era. Few of this games were recorded as there were no proper documentations to keep record of how and when the games were played. Games such football, basketball, volleyball, hockey and even athletics were reported to have been played in ancient time.

If you look at some of these games, there are perfect correlation between them one way or the other. While some of these games were played using hands, some were played using legs. Games like volleyball, handball and football have a little bit if interchange. Handball involves the use of hands while the goal keeper is allowed to use all parts of his body to keep the ball from been scored. Another correlation between football and handball is that goal post are used by these two games. Unlike football and handball, basketball has a different pattern compare with these two games, in recent years another games have been fashioned out of basketball and this game is called Netball. This game is also played on the court just like basketball to in thus case on a very slow pace compare with the game of basketball. Few countries of the world have developed the game of Netball as it now been played at world cup level. Prominent among these countries are Newzealand, Australia, England, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.