Now We Have a Release Date for Persona 5 Royal in the West!

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To those like me who are waiting for the game's Western release, mark the date if you haven't yet.

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It was announced that Persona 5 Royal's Western release date will be on March 31st, 2020, 5 months after the game's Japanese release (which was on October 31st, 2019). Below is the release date reveal trailer!

Persona 5 Royal will have a launch steelbook version, and also a limited collectors edition called "Phantom Thieves Edition" which will include the game's steelbook version, an art book, a soundtrack CD with the new songs, a Joker mask, a collector's box and a PS4 dynamic theme (apparently, it won't include other DLC like the Japanese limited edition did).

The game and its limited edition are available to preorder, for example at Playasia:

Lastly, good news to players who have the original Persona 5 and have bought DLC: unlike in Japan where the DLC had to be repurchased for 10 yen, the DLC from the original Western versions of P5 can be used for free in Persona 5 Royal!

With the new release date, those of us who are avoiding spoilers have a better idea of how much we still have to stay in the dark. Around four more months to go... I've been doing fine on avoiding spoilers so far. I hope I can keep escaping from them during these next months!

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