Etheremon Game - The Definitive Guide To Making Money Online And Having A Lot Of Fun Doing It!

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Etheremon is not like other video games, it's built on the Ethereum Blockchain.  And you can earn real money playing it!  It's not hard, but there is some strategy involved.  And the more you know about the game, the easier it will be to make money with it.  In this guide I'll walk you through how to get started, which game activities are the most profitable, and how to turn your online earnings into real money in your hands.

In order to get started with Etheremon your going to need a browser plugin called Metamask.  Etheremon can't work without it.  This is what allows the game in your web-browser to communicate with the Ethereum Blockchain.  The Metamask browser plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, and is easy to install.  Visit the Metamask site to install the blockchain plugin for your browser.

Once you have Metamask installed then head over to the Etheremon Website.  Click on the "Gameplay" link at the top of the page to reveal the in-game links section.  From there you can start playing.  In the Official Store they have some free Mons (short for Monsters) to help get you started along with other Mons for sale.  Note: all the Mons in the Official Store will start out at Level 1!  There's also the Market where players can Buy, Sell, and Rent Mons with other players.  And the main part of the game for most players will probably be the Battle Area.

It's worth mentioning that even though Etheremon is a Free game (there is no cost to join) it still costs a tiny bit of Gas to do some things on the Ethereum Blockchain.  So I would recommend at least loading some pocket change into your Metamask Ether Wallet to cover the pennies that you'll spend in Gas.  While you're at it you may want to consider setting a budget for this game, I know nobody wants to hear that, but it's very easy to spend money and I'm assuming that your goal is to make money.

This game can be a little slow-going at first for new players, so I recommend buying 2 Mons from the Market to get started (they don't need to be a very high level, I would just recommend something around level 10 or 20 so you can win some battles).  You should also pick up a free Mon from the Official Store so that you have at least 3 Mons.  It takes at least 3 Mons to start a Mon Battle, but the winner is decided by the "best 2 out of 3" fights which is why I recommend getting 2 of the higher level Mons at first.  Have a look through the Market and try sorting the listings with different settings, like Cheapest, Highest Power, etc... to find a couple of decent ones that you can afford.

Battling your Mons in Ranked-Mode is basically the main part of the game, it's how your Mons level up and become more valuable.  The idea is to buy cheap Mons, level them up in battles, and then sell them for a profit.  Technically, you don't even need to battle them, you could just buy undervalued Mons and sell them again for a more reasonable price.  I recommend spending some time just browsing the Market pages to get a feel for what Mons are worth to most people.

The prices can vary wildly, but it all comes down to supply and demand.  Just remember, you can set a Mon for sale at any price you want, but it's up to the other players to decide if and when they want to buy it.  My advice is to be patient and try to set competitive prices, because if you get too greedy then you Mon could take longer to sell.  Whether you aim for lots of small profits, or a few bigger profits is totally a matter of personal choice.

In addition to the main Ranked-Mode in the Battles area, there's also an Adventure-Mode where you can explore the game world.  The main task there is looking for a portal which your Mons can enter to gather things like battle supplies and other Mons.  You can only send 1 Mon through the portal at a time, and each trip can take hours.  They don't always come back with anything, but when they do it will usually be something to help your Mons in battle by increasing their stats in some way.  Honestly, the Ranked-Mode is by far more popular than the Adventure Mode, I think it's because you always get points when playing Ranked-Mode, but alternatively, with Adventure-Mode you don't always win something.

There's also Gym-Mode where you can train your Mons to gain experience points and levels for a small fee, as well as Practice-Mode which does not cost anything to play but likewise does not reward any points to you or your Mons.  Never-the-less it is very much worthwhile to play a few rounds in Practice-Mode at the beginning to get an idea of how the game is played.

Ranked-Mode Battles are the main part of the game for most players.  In order to start a battle you'll first need some Energy.  It takes about 2 Energies to start a Battle, and you can claim a free energy every hour (you can save them up to 10 Energies but it won't go past 10 if you don't claim them).  Click the Plus Button ( + ) next to where it shows your Energy level to get more energy.  If the free Energies aren't enough then you can buy more Energy for a small amount of Ethereum.

Then once you have some energy to choose between 3 and 6 of your Mons to make a team (3 for attacking, and up to 3 for defending).  Once you've chosen your team of Mons you can have your team attack another players team of Mons.  The game will allow you to choose who to fight from a list of other teams.  Try to compare your Mons stats with the stats of the other Mon Teams to plan for battles that you will win.  You'll get more points for winning battles than you will from losing.

Each of your attacking Mons will fight against one other attacking Mon from the opposing team, and the winner of the battle is whichever side won more of those fights.  And the Defending Mons only play a role in the battle if their Symbol matches with one of your Attacking Mons.  The Attacking Mons are the primary factor in the game while the Defending Mons are secondary.  Each Mon has 1 or 2 Symbols on them that tells you what it's strengths are.

Each of the Symbols in the game are designed to be stronger or weaker to other Symbols like a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.  The Intro section on the Etheremon website has an excellent chart explaining how the Symbols relate to each other.  There are different types of Mons, there are Gen #'s and Gasons.  The Gen's usually have a number like Gen 1, or Gen 2, and can be used for either Attacking or Defending.  The Gasons on the other hand can only be used for Defending.  Please keep that in mind when choosing your Mons.  Another thing to consider is that you can't have more than one of the same Mon species in a team.

It's a fun game, but don't get too attached to your Mons.  The way to make money here is by selling your Mons for a profit.  Try to keep track of how much each of your Mons cost so you can see what your profits are.  And you'll need to be patient and give them time to sell, but if they don't sell after a few days then you may want to consider lowering your prices a little bit at a time until they do sell.

So then how to get the money that you've earned into your hands?  Once you've sold a Mon you can withdraw your profits by clicking on the "My Mons" link at the top of the page, then click the blue button by where it says ETH Balance.  From there you can withdraw the Ethers to a separate Ethereum wallet like coinbase or another exchange.  If you trade your Ethers for Bitcoins then you can use localbitcoins to cash out.  And once you have the money in coinbase or localbitcoins then you can transfer it into your bank, or however you prefer to receive the money (localbitcoins has a very wide variety of payment options and it's available in nearly every country on Earth).

Etheremon is still a very new game, but it already has thousands of players.  It's catching on fast.  There's even more to it than what I described.  If you have any questions about how to play this great new game then leave a comment here and I'll try my best to answer any questions you can throw at me, let's start a discussion!  And here's that link to the Etheremon website, check it out for more information.


Sound like cool game, i must to try it out

Thanks for the etheremon game.

Making money will now become like fun.

welcome back to my friend!

This sounds very interesting! I will have to find some time to check this out! Thanks for sharing. Resteemed.

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Thank you for this wonderful post :) Very useful.

Thank you for your detailed post :) I'm very apprecited it. Upvoted.

This sounds really cool it reminds me of pokemon

You should mention the 5$ just in gas costs a battle of Etheremon costs a player. Thanks but I will stick to Chibi Fighters, I actually make money in that game.

Make real ether while destroying your opponents.
Chibi Fighters is a brutally fun and addicting game.

Come check out Chibi Fighters

If I may correct you, it's not the true... For engaging your "mons " (👹👿👻)in battle you only need some "stamina" and your wallet have to sign a tx but you don't pay anything (thank to a good shaped update). What you say have been right, during the first month, but they find a way to reduce users friction & gas cost by moving to signing fonction.

Yes you will have to pay, as Dapp consume gas, but in the new design you pay gas for 1tx which give you 10 free stamina point. A battle consume 2stamina points. And the gas cost of this claiming stamina tx is (for the last couple of weeks) between 8cents to 16cents....

So for making 5 battles (10free stamina /2) it will cost you [8;16] cents... Which give a cost for one battle of 0.016cent (in good case, or 0.032 cents if gas cost are hight...

Any complement @anomaly?

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. You are 100% right, it doesn't cost anything to battle mons other than getting the energy to attack (and that is just a matter of some cents). And, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you may also get rewarded for being attacked by other players which doesn't require any energy cost at all.

Yes, primarily the "cents" given in my explanation above are expressed in €, it may cost a little bit more in $. But it's not so many expensive and it the game for Dapp. Secondarily, concerning your question, yep too!
You don't win eth as rewardsfor sure, but for all battle (won or lost) your mons gained experience points (they are more strong and can evolve or lay eggs). In addition, when you win a battle (anytime, even if you don't make an attack yourself and that just an other player attack you) you will won 0.2 emont (the infuel game currency). Those emont will allows you to pay for mon, stamina or adventure mode.

Keep playing

Error of the Android client. Sorry

The gas price only goes up like that when the Ethereum network is very busy. All you have to do is click the cancel button and try again in a minute, it should go back to a few cents again.

It's an ad masked as a comment, don't worry about it.

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