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RE: Super 8 Ball Club V2 - The Major App Update - Transparency, Leaderboard, Tournaments & Much More - The Multiplayer Pool Game - Powered By STEEM Blockchain

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Let's everyone congratulate the team on the premises of having the major release.

I don't think that only the team behind this awesome app is excited to give us the release of this new update. I think the team on stage which is us, the players; we were far more excited than the developer team. The developer team knew what would come but we were excited without even knowing anything of it.

I personally like these new features of this game although it's become hard than before but like a friend said in our discord server... "No Pain, No Gain".

So we should take the gain part with some pain and that would make more happiness.

And as the team is looking for new delegators, it's obvious that the reward for playing game will be much better than before. So, we shouldn't worry about anything.
I would delegate some SP if i was a grown steemian but as I'm just growing right now so i can just hope for the best for the team and i hope they'll get some good delegators in a short time as their motives are honest.

And it's great to know from the part "Transparency"... that now it won't be that easy to abuse the game in any way. Now the team will able to understand what's happening on the table. And we also have some responsibility to make this team a better one.

Then it would be great.

Let's hope for the best and support each other.

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Thank you for spending your valuable time in writing such an awesome reply for us. That is much appreciated!

We hope that this upgrade would be able to entertain all of you even more!

More love to the team

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Cheers we appreciate you

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Keep it up @team

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@jmcamademy, thank you.
and you're welcome to join the team.

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