Gible Community Day Recap - 100 IV Garchomp

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Ahoy! Last weekend on June 6th, Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon, was featured in the monthly Community Day. I haven't really been online here much to make a blog post about it, so with quite some delay here it is!

For the thumbnail I used a photo I took on holiday sometime ago, and then edited the Gible, Gabite and Garchomp into it. I found that fitting better with them than any location I walked past during the day.

Shiny Gible was already released into the game a while ago, so far I didn't have any luck though with finding one. So this Community Day was definitely good to look forward to for that. I was mostly looking forward to it though because we'd finally have a chance to really catch a lot of Gible! This Community Day's Exclusive Move was the Charged Attack Earth Power, which is the strongest Ground-type move that Garchomp has access to now.

I started playing a bit from home already with an Incense activated while I was still eating and preparing to go out into the sun. Because it was a pretty hot and sunny day, not as much as some earlier days that week so that was at least good. Once I was prepared I went outside and met up with two friends to walk around together. We started off with Partially Cloudy weather in the game, but after like 2 pm or so we weather changed to Clear so all Gible became weather boosted!

We walked around the city centre a lot to keep a steady supply of Poké Balls for a longer duration and well there were some Lures as well so we could catch some on the lure every time we passed by again. Sometimes we did go with some longer routes because of the wild spawns. And at some times we were further outside the centre to places with several Pokéstops as well for more spawns and items.

At some point we ended up finding a 100% IV Gible in the wild! This was really great! I did recently get a 100% IV Gible from a Research encounter reward, which was my first 100%, but I'm really glad we found the one in the wild so all 3 of us could make a 100% with Earth Power! 😄

Around 4 pm one of the friends I was walking around with had to leave. So then the two of us kept walking around still. We decided to go the train station to spin the Pokéstops there as well to see if we could get some more Field Research Tasks with Gible encounters. On the way back to the city centre we read in the group about a 100% IV Gible there. When we got close to the location we ran into someone we know who was on a bike and he told us about the 100% IV too that we were walking towards. We made it time to the location to find it! 😄

The Special Research for this Community Day was called "Just a Nibble", which I bought. In one step I had to evolve 3 Gible into Gabite, the Cave Pokémon, so I evolved one of the Shiny Gible I had caught so far to get a Shiny Gabite Pokédex registry. I would've already had Gabite and Garchomp in the Pokédex, but I didn't get any good ones until that 100% IV a few weeks ago. At which point I already knew about Gible Community Day so I held on to it. I kept the last step of the Special Research until the event was over to see if I had any better IV Shiny Gible. Then I evolved the best one to Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon, to have a Shiny Garchomp Pokédex registry screenshot.

Shiny Pokédex registry.png

I ended up catching a total of 19 Shiny Gible during this Community Day. It could've been a bit more, but some of the Gible that ran away may have been Shiny. Still a good number. Not that great IV wise for any of the Shiny though. Here you can see the ones that I got.

Shiny Gible.png

After evolving Gabite into Garchomp for the last part of the Special Research I had a Garchomp encounter, which also knows the Community Day move. You can see its stats in this screenshot.

Garchomp Special Research.png

With the event over, and the Special Research finished, it was now time to evolve those two 100% Gible into Garchomp and power them up! In this next photo I have included both Gible the way I caught them, in the middle is the power up process of the first one and then on the right I have both Garchomp after I evolved them and powered them up. You can see the difference between the two Garchomp's when looking at the weight. Would be possible with the height too but Blanche's head is in front of it while doing the appraise.

100 IV Gible to Garchomp.png

Here is a screenshot of my Pokédex entry for Gible before and after the Community Day.

Pokédex Before and After.png

As you can see I didn't have Shiny Gible yet before it started. You can see a lot of Gible ran away too. I caught several myself and also had the additional catch Pokéball, most of the ones that ran away were from that one trying to use regular Poké Balls. The Garchomp Pokédex entry was taken when I had just evolved the Shiny, I took it before evolving the two 100% IV's. I don't have Lucky Garchomp yet, so far my Lucky Gible were pretty bad and never worth evolving. None of them had 15 Attack so far with high total IV. I still have quite some Gible to trade with friends, so we'll see if any good ones will come out of that.

The Community Day went really well. I got a bit sunburnt because I was out in the sun so much, but took care of that when I was back home. It wasn't too hot so walking around was pretty nice, especially with a cool breeze every now and then. I had a good time with the two friends I walked around with. Those two 100% IV Gible were really great! 😄

How did your Gible Community Day go?