Second Generation Axies are out!

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2nd axie lab.png

Do you want to create your own Axie with unique features and a chance to get some cheap rares?

The Axie Lab is selling the second generation of eggs since yesterday. And considering the ground floor for buying a breedable Axie is around 0.2 Ether this is your chance to get in the game!

If you haven't heard of the game yet, but think that you might be interested you can check out my previous article about Axie Infinity.

I keep checking out new crypto games, because for one, I love games.. and second:

I think it's the real entry to the blockchain for the masses out there. Just imagine, people streaming their games on Twitch and Youtube! And it is already happening!

And you can be in from the very beginning, collect the strongest and most skillfull Axies right before battle is launched.
Just go to the lab and roll the dice!

There are six classes of Axies,
water, plant, beast and the more rare birds, reptile and bug.
Axies classes.png

Prices at the market for a breedable bug are starting at 0.5 Ether! And now you have the chance to roll one for just 0.16..

So have a look and use your chance to get into the game. Links above are referral links to the Lab, so if you want to go nuts on shopping, please consider using these so I can join in!

Referral System
Each player will have a unique referral link. When a friend makes a purchase from the Lab using the link, you will earn 5% of the purchase price.

The Axie eggs will be sold in an Auction. Each purchase will increase the price by 7%.
Every minute without a sell the price drops 0.1%.

The second generation has also the chance of new body shapes! These might have to be bred out, so better buy three Axies right away.

Every Axie that you buy now has the chance to breed, that way you can make three out of two. So the price for one is just 0.04 Eth! And there is quite a choice at the Axie Mating Club recently!

And keep in mind that you need three to build a battle team! This is your best chance to get in to the game. If a player buys three Axies in one purchase, the price for all three will stay the same.

More information:

Second Season of Axie is live! - Axie Infinity - Medium

Axie Infinity:

But be aware, it is highly addictive!

All pics are screenshots from the Website:


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