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Last week we hosted our first screen shot sharing content using the #battlescreen tag.

Here are our three winners:


Shared some awesome screen grabs from Red Dead Redemption game play, in fact he told a story!

You May Be Wondering How I Got In This Predicament, Well, Let Me Tell You.


After looking through some of the games played since the beginning of Work-From-Home physical isolation, decided to pull out some Skyrim screens from back in the day!

Gaming in the Quarantine!


Went exploring in the world of Enderal: Forgotten Stories for some absolutely stunning views and scenery.

Screenshot Showcase -- Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Congrats to the Three Winners!

@lacking | @oblivioncubed | @kaelci

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Coins are on their way, and thank you to everyone that participated! We'll be doing this again in the near future.. so stay tuned.


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