Do You Even Game? - Issue #13

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A Curation Roundup of Gaming Content From Across the Hive Chain.

🔥 As always this post is packed full of Gaming News, Gaming Reviews, and Game Play. Let's show these content creators some love!

Issue #13

🎮 This issue featuring: @jeffjagoe | @xr-hammergaming | @oblivioncubed | @triverse | @liberosist | @daltono | @dcitygame


@dcitygame | dCity Beginner Tutorial Contest | 225 HIVE Reward Pool

Dcity beginner tutorial contest. You have 1 week to post a game tutorial for beginners. It can be a post on Hive or even a video on 3speak/youtube. Use the tag dcity so we can find it easily, you can also drop the link to your post on the dcity discord. You can use any graphics used on the DCITY web page, or in posts made by @gerber or this account.

@daltono | Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remaster releasing at the end of this summer ☀️🙌

With the last Tony Hawk game (5) doing so terribly, hope was lost. Today during Summer Game Fest, long time Pro Skater fans were given a reason to rejoice. The announcement trailer for the new game was revealed during a livestream with Tony Hawk himself!



@liberosist | Tropico 6 Review

Tropico 6 is the series' debut on Unreal Engine 4. Immediately, from a technical perspective, it represents a giant leap forward for the series.

@triverse | Tiny Rails Review – A Train Based Clicker I Cannot Stop Playing

Tiny Rails is a clicker game. You know what I mean. Those games that your main goal is to simply click the screen repeatedly. What separates Tiny Rails from normal clicker games is, well, they included a cool little game to break up all the clicking.

@oblivioncubed | Trying out 'Dead Age' - Gaming in the Quarantine

So, this morning as I was preparing for work I noticed that was having a Zombie themed game sale, and as a sucker for most things related to zombies - I took a quick glance. Many were uninteresting, and others I already own, but I did notice one game that looked like I could waste a bit of time on, and was less than two bucks.



@xr-hammergaming | Dungeon Defenders 2 | Onslaught Floor 98 🎮

Hey guys welcome back to some Dungeon Defenders 2. In today's video, I am going to be playing Onslaught Floor 98 drawing ever closer to floor 100 and my first reset. Thanks for watching guys, Peace out.

@jeffjagoe | Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Daily Journal - May 12, 2020 - Catching A Madagascan Sunset Moth

I recently caved and got Animal Crossing: New Horizons to play during quarantine. Today I caught a Madagascan Sunset Moth to add to the museum collection!


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