Our Full Transition To The Hive Blockchain

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Battlegames Infrastructure Will Be Moving to the Hive Blockchain in the Coming Weeks.

Key Changes:

  • BATTLE Token will be relocated to the Hive-Engine platform.
  • Content created through www.battlegames.io will be published to the Hive blockchain.
  • Curation efforts will be focused on Hive content.

The decision to fully transition to the Hive blockchain was made with the belief that it gives our project the best chance to succeed.

The Hive Blockchain is focused on being a stable and reliable technology for future dApp and Game Development. Steemit Inc and the STEEM Blockchain has proven to be highly centralized, under the leadership of an untrustworthy party, and is possibly destined to be dismantled and rolled into the Tron banner.

Many content creators and gamers may not be concerned with the leadership and inner workings of their publishing platforms, and this is OK. However we are aware, and therefor are capable of making an informed decision to support technology that is aligned with values such as freedom of speech, freedom of information, and resistance to censorship.

BATTLE - Social money owned by the community

In the coming weeks a snapshot will be taken of all Steem accounts holding liquid and or staked BATTLE. This snapshot will be used as the basis for an airdrop where an equal number of tokens will be issued into the corresponding Hive wallets.

Once the airdrop has been completed and our infrastructure functioning on the Hive blockchain, all support for the Steem version of BATTLE will be discontinued. The Steem version of BATTLE will then be removed from the Steem-Engine exchange and our transition complete.


The Future of Battlegames

Our Core Focus:

  • Support content creators and developers in the gaming niche.
  • Provide gaming related news and updates to our community.
  • Foster the growth of our social money BATTLE as a means to reward content creators and gamers.

Our core focus is unchanged and we look forward to continuing to support awesome gaming content, and support the continued development of games built on blockchain technology. Here's to the future! 👊

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Good to hear it! Can you get #steemace to follow?

This is going to be a good move to hive. Then I don’t have to vote both places. Trying to stack that battle for now though.

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