Razer has my heart... and my money <3

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The Razer Blackwidow is now officially the best peripheral I've ever owned. I've owned many a keyboard over the years, but never have I had a keyboard that feels as good as this one. The keys on this feel so good, that just typing out the words of this post is a delight! If I get a little wordy while I'm making this, it'll be time well spent for me

There are some strong contenders in my life for best peripheral. I had a Triton headset back in the day that used optical cables with it's own control box. My mom randomly called me when in the summer of 2011 and asked if I was home. I said yes, and she told me to go outside and look for my Step-dad, @car2nistrob. He showed up in about 10ish minutes with the Triton's, and oh my god did these sound good. That was my first experience with headphones in that quality tier. I accidentally dropped the detachable mic in a glass of water, which totally fucked it, but they were so awesome I'd put another headset around my neck just for the mic and played like that for a couple years XD

I also had a Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse. This thing was insane!


The button grid on the side is the coolest thing I've ever used on a mouse. Having that many buttons on the side of my mouse to bind however I please is a level of freedom everyone should get to experience at least once. I would put anything and everything on those buttons! Inventory screens, all/team chat buttons, push-to-talk, things in a game you can toggle (crouch, sprint, walk, fire modes like semi or auto), all kinds of stuff. I took very poor care of this mouse, but it lasted a while all things considered and I was heartbroken when it died.

I also had a Steele Series keyboard that is so legendary it deserves a post of it's own.

When it's all said and done though, this Razer Blackwidow is by far the most amazing thing I have ever plugged into a computer. The keys on this feel so amazing to press. This isn't just a mechanical keyboard folks, this is the fucking Lamborghini of ABC's! The switches inside these keys are incredible. I like the click of mechanical keys, but that can get loud. I also need to pay heed how loud the keyboard is so my mic doesn't pick it up when I'm on a VOIP call with my gaming buddies. The Razer Orange Switch is just what I was looking for. I get the tactile feel from the key strokes, and I can keep the volume down and save my buddies an annoyance.


I have the tournament edition with no number pad, because this version was cheaper and also on sale, so I saved a pretty penny on it. As you can see from the top photo I replaced my whole desktop with Razer hardware, so I'm living the Chroma life and loving every minute of it. The Chroma Studio software that comes with Razer products is so much fun to use. Canada Day was on the 1st, so I still have the Canadian colours across my desktop right now. Do ya like the crude maple leaf I drew in red in the middle of my Keyboard? I even have the pink headset stand with the Chroma base. If you saw the rest of my apartment it would look like shit, but I dropped a few bills on my PC set up.

If you've made it to the end, I thank you. But I can guarantee you did not have as much fun reading this post as I did typing it out. I love this keyboard so much. If it ever dies I'm giving it a funeral.


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